Music. To make (an interval) smaller sized by a chromatic fifty percent step than the equivalent perfect or young interval.

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1400–50; late center English; blend of diminuen (diminuerdīminuere because that Latin dēminuere to make smaller) and also minishenminish
di·min·ish·a·ble, adjectivedi·min·ish·ment, nounnon·di·min·ish·ing, adjectivepre·di·min·ish, verb (used v object)
pre·di·min·ish·ment, nounun·di·min·ish·a·ble, adjectiveun·di·min·ish·a·ble·ness, nounun·di·min·ish·a·bly, adverbun·di·min·ished, adjectiveun·di·min·ish·ing, adjective
dimethyltryptamine, dimetric, dimetrodon, dimidiate, dimin., diminish, diminished, diminished responsibility, lessened seventh chord, diminishing returns, diminishing returns, law of

To diminish is to end up being smaller, fewer, or less, as in If we don’t order more, our stock of gives will slowly diminish till we operation out completely.

It can also mean to do smaller, fewer, or less, together in We must diminish our reliance ~ above fossil fuels. near synonyms of this senses that diminish room reduce, decrease, and lessen.

Diminish can additionally be offered in less literal ways. It can mean to do something seem smaller sized or much less significant, as in The city council tried to diminish his role in the scandal. The verb downplay is supplied in a comparable way.

To diminish a person is to minimize or take away from their stature, reputation, or authority in some way—to belittle or disparage them, as in The brand-new tell-all publication is plainly an attempt to lessen a guy who is pertained to as a legend in his field. 

Example: My interest in sports has diminished since I to be a kid—I’m only a casual pan now.

Where does diminish come from?

The first records of the word diminish come from the 1400s. It originates from a mix of the Anglo-French-derived ax diminuen, definition “to lessen” (from Latin verb dēminuere, “to do smaller”), and the archaic word minish, which means the very same thing as diminish.

A typical use that diminish is in the phrase diminishing returns, i m sorry is supplied in the paper definition of economics, business, and also other areas to describe a reduction in the desired result (the “return”) of part action, such as profit, productivity, or some various other benefit. The regulation of diminishing return is a model, occurred by economist David Ricardo, stating that as an ext effort or money is invested right into a venture, the less returns one is likely to obtain over time. The concept can be applied to countless fields.

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What space some other creates related come diminish?

diminishing (continuous tense verb, adjective)diminishment (noun)diminishable (adjective)

What room some synonyms for diminish?

What space some words the share a root or word facet with diminish

What room some native that often get used in mentioning diminish?

How is diminish provided in actual life?

Diminish have the right to be offered in every kinds the contexts, consisting of those involving both tangible points (like supplies) and also intangible persons (like top quality or reputation).

Still some wind gusts this early on evening, yet winds will certainly diminish later tonight. Sign up with me at 6pm because that a look front at what you have the right to expect because that the first work mainly of 2021.

— Tim Studebaker ABC6 (
TStudebakerABC6) January 2, 2021

You have the strength within you yourself to do anything possible, you must diminish the doubt & ignite the self belief.

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— KeepTheFaith EP Out now (
OskidoIBelieve) may 14, 2019

I don’t need to diminish girlfriend in order come shine. And I don’t need to render you powerless in bespeak to it is in powerful.

— it is in A King (
BerniceKing) January 24, 2019

Try using diminish!

Which that the following words is no a synonym the diminish

A. LessenB . ShrinkC. DecreaseD. Enlarge

Words related to diminish

abate, curtail, decline, decrease, dwindle, ebb, lessen, lower, recede, reduce, shrink, slacken, subside, temper, wane, weaken, detract from, minimize, abbreviate, attenuate

How to use diminish in a sentence

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British interpretations for diminish

/ (dɪˈmɪnɪʃ) /
to make or become smaller, fewer, or less
(tr) architect to cause (a column, etc) to taper
(tr) music to decrease (a boy or perfect interval) by a semitone
to belittle or it is in belittled; mitigate in authority, status, etc; depreciate

Derived forms of diminish

diminishable, adjectivediminishingly, adverbdiminishment, noun

Word beginning for diminish

C15: blend of diminuen come lessen (from Latin dēminuere to do smaller, from minuere come reduce) + archaic minish come lessen


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