Tons or Tons pressure per Square Foot (USA, Short) is one American pressure unit equivalent in size to atmospheric pressure. 1 ton every square foot (usa, short) equals 95760.5 pascals.

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The ton pressure per square foot unit is rarely supplied for gas or liquid push measurement, yet instead is greatly used in the building and also construction industry for rating the pack on materials such as ensuring enough footings and foundations.

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Conversion Factors

1 tsf (usa, short)

Please keep in mind that the switch factors over are exact to 6 far-reaching figures.


The calculation below shows how the pressure unit lots per Square Foot (USA, Short) (tsf) is acquired from SI Units.

FormulaPressure = force / AreaForce = mass x AccelerationAcceleration = street / (Time x Time)SI UnitsMass: kilogram (kg)Length: metre (m)Time: second (s)Force: newton (N)Pressure: pascal (Pa)Input Values1 Ton (usa, short) = 2000 lbs1 pound = 0.45359237 kg1 Foot = 12 ins1 inch = 0.0254 m1 Square Foot = (12 x 0.0254 m) x (12 x 0.0254 m) = 0.09290304 m²Acceleration = traditional Gravity = 9.80665 m/s²Calculation1 Ton pressure (usa, short) = 2000 lbs x 0.45359237 kg x 9.80665 m/s² = 8896.443231 N1 tsf (usa, short) pressure = 9964.016418 N / 0.09290304 m² = 95760.51796 Pa

Alternate Descriptions

These are the various versions offered for identifying tsf (usa, short) that you may uncover elsewhere.

Ton every Square FootTon force per Square FootTons every Square FootTons force per Square FootTon per Square FeetTon force per Square FeetTons per Square FeetTons pressure per Square Feettsftfsfton/ft²tons/ft²ton/ft^2tons/ft^2ton/sq fttons/sq fttonf/ft²tonsf/ft²tonf/ft^2tonsf/ft^2tonf/sq fttonsf/sq ft

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