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For the critical month or therefore I obtain an "Alarm System organization Required" blog post for around 5 sec ~ I start the car. It then goes out and never come on again until I begin the vehicle the next time. I thought that probably it could be an 8-year initial battery beginning to go, so I changed it. No adjust with the post though. Any kind of thoughts/ideas?Chris
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Chris, welcome come MVS.I checked on this on another I"ve not seen any type of posts about this here and also even despite I have a P2 automobile ("04 V70) I have actually not watched this show up on mine dash yet. What I review was, "About 95% of the moment this blog post is led to by the siren(located in RF fenderwell), which requirements to be replaced." So, I"d examine the siren come make sure it works with your scare button. If the doesn"t, climate I"m afraid you"ll be in because that a pilgrimage to the dealer who has actually the ideal equipment come diagnose this. If her siren functions then i wouldn"t be also concerned around it together the light does go off together you drive. Regards,MIJ
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My alert siren went out in friggin" flames. It would certainly go turn off for no reason at all, as soon as tested it would periodically work, occasionally at reduced volumes, lastly not at all. I"m curious to check out if yours will perform the same, hhehaAnyway...It"s possible to do the physical replacement yourself, (I will write-up vadis screenshot later). But this also needs to be programmed using VIDA communication, VIDA is miscellaneous that not all indie shops have(expensive). When you"re in ~ it though, you might want to try opening the siren up(nothing to lose, right?) to see if you can spot anything that might be fixed within it. These are recognized to have actually internal battery that will certainly go bad/leak, somehow disabling it. You can probably tell I have experience below
Shop for:Siren: 9452709 ns was quoted $178 in ~ Jim Fisher volvo, and $35 because that software.

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It looks nice simple, I have actually yet come get around to it... Basically simply need to obtain a riveter from home depot and also wait because that warmer weather