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items Description: analyze descriptionWESTERN field MODEL 17A 410 GUAGE3 inch CHAMBERSINGLE shooting BOLT action SHOT GUN. Has BEADED FRONT sight 24 inch BARREL. An excellent BORE through ONE PIECE tough WOOD STOCK and also STEEL PUTT PLATE. SN# 4810

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Internet Premium : 18%Participation Requirements: Valid credit transaction Card compelled for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa and also MasterCardVisaMasterCardPayment Instructions: WE will EMAIL her UPDATED INVOICE ~ above MONDAY after ~ AUCTION. WE execute NOT call EACH individual BIDDER by EMAIL. IF YOU space THE effective HIGH BIDDER, WE will certainly CHARGE map ON file --IMMEDIATELY after AUCTION. Girlfriend WILL receive A COPY OF her INVOICE IN YOUR delivery WITH THE ITEMS. Us accept just "MASTERCARD OR VISA" . PLEASE have actually A good CREDIT map ON FILE. WE will BE CHARGING A handling CHARGE, IF WE need to KEEP GOING earlier AND do the efforts TO fee YOUR CARD. FUNDS must BE AVAILABLE. We will need to place a NON paying bidder status on PROXI if items are not paid because that within 4 days. Proxi payments space due no later than Friday am or NON paying bidder goes into effect. Shipping charges will certainly be Charged for the specific shipping, insurance and also materials individually on her card.e. Regional pickup is available beginning on Tuesday after ~ the auction. Product fees space $5 for tiny lots and also $10 for larger lots, firearms and also multiple items groupings. All weapons have come be shipped in hard situations to prevent damages in shipping. Large hard gun situations are $30 ea. Handgun hard instances are $15. Customer might ship cases back to us for a full refund that the situation charge. Huge antique weapons that don"t fit a normal gun box, will certainly be fee extra for oversize. Every items left ~ above hold as result of buyer not providing suitable information or FFL info needed because that shipping, will be resold after ~ 30 days and commission will be charged. Every UPS damage claims have to go thru us and also items need to be returned and inspected by UPS. Photos need to be sent immediately prior to united state filing a insurance claim for any kind of damaged merchandise. Buyers should co run with us in stimulate to process the claim. Buyers refusing to send items earlier or disputing credit card ~ receiving merchandise will be held as a fraudulent transaction are charged with possession of steal property. All auction transactions are offered AS IS and also NO REFUNDS. Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: WE use UPS SHIPPING. We try to ship all items within 24 hrs of cleared payment and received FFL. We fee a minimal fee because that our staff to pack and wrap your items. $5 per lot because that smalls and also $10 per firearm or multi item bigger lots. Oversize may need to go to third party shipper. All firearms will have a tough case included for $30 for lengthy guns and also $15 because that handguns to safeguard from shipping damage. As soon as items are put right into UPS labeling, us verify shipping cost and also charge exact shipping to add cases and materials. Please contact with any type of questions on shipping. Our Proxi bid customers have been extremely happy and surprised by our fast shipping. UPS does no pickup Sat. Or Sun. Preview day & Times: PREVIEWS room FRIDAY and SATURDAY 9 am TO 5 pm prior to auction day. Auction day we open at 9am. You re welcome FEEL complimentary TO CAL US prior to AUCTION DAY and WE will certainly INSPECT and also DESCRIBE any kind of ITEM YOU have QUESTIONS on : PACIFIC TIME: 619-579-9140Checkout date & Times: neighborhood PICKUP IS always WELCOME ON web BIDS AND big ITEMS. PLEASE contact TO do ARRANGEMENTS. 619-579-9140Location: 12062 Woodside Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040Driving Directions: