Red is the color of love and both men and also women can rock a selection of various styles the red shorts, indigenous bike shorts and cargo shorts, to red quick shorts through a pair of boots or red linen shorts v a quite pair of sandals. Below is a list of options


Women or men can sport a pair of red shorts with a equivalent red blazer. You can wear a white or black shirt or tank peak underneath the blazer and also pair the outfit through a pair of heels for women and dressy loafers for men. This is the type of outfit that looks professional sufficient to wear come the office or even a business luncheon. You can even readjust things up and wear a pair of white shorts and also a red blazer or red high belt shorts with a blue blazer.

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Red High waist Shorts


You can boast a pair the red high waisted shorts v a navy or black with white polka period shirt for a unique and also fun look. High waisted shorts are better for ladies than men and this look have the right to be worn come the office or come the beach.

Strappy Sandal and also Red Shorts

An example of a great red pair that strappy sandal for men:


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A pair of red strappy sandals because that women:


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Choosing the ideal shoe to wear with any kind of outfit is super important due to the fact that it deserve to make or rest the look you space going for. A pair of red shorts paired with strappy sandals not only looks great but have the right to be very comfortable come wear. The watch is additionally versatile for this reason you deserve to wear the from the office come drinks through a friend.

This look works for both men and also women and you deserve to opt because that a red pair the strappy sandals or you have the right to go because that a pair that black, white, brown, or tan that will additionally look an excellent with your outfit.

Blue Shirt with Red Shorts

The look because that men:


The red shorts through blue top for women:


This look functions for both men and also women. The fun fact is you perform not have to limit yourself to just wearing blue and red together for the 4th of July since this outfit looks good anytime and also virtually anywhere. Friend can even opt to pair red shorts through a blue blazer for dressier occasions with a white, black, tan, or cream peak underneath.

Red Jean Shorts

Denim shorts do not just come in blue denim yet a multitude of colors and styles, including red. A red denim brief can be paired through a T-shirt or a dressy shirt for men or women. In other words, you deserve to dress up or dress down a pair depending upon the location or occasion you will certainly be put on them.

Red jean shorts can end up being a wardrobe clip of sorts for both a dressy, standard look or a casual look. Friend can likewise pair this type of red shorts through a red, white, blue, or black color denim jacket.

Red Chino Shorts

This watch for men paired v a black color or marine shirt functions well for both a dressy occasion or a more casual one:


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Women can rock this look v a white, tan, beige, black, or also yellow top:


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A pair that red chino shorts no only offers a standard look and also style but this type of brief is simply comfy come wear. They space not too quick or also long and just do a an excellent pair of quick trousers the you can even pair with a sweater or cardigan in the cooler months of spring or fall.

Red Bermuda Short


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Red Bermuda shorts space a an excellent option for males or women as soon as you desire a much longer pair that shorts that space comfortable however stylish. This kind of red brief is much more casual for this reason you have the right to wear a pair of flat sandals through them or opt for a quite sneaker and T-Shirt to finish the look.

Red Cuffed Shorts

Source: Old Navy

Red cuffed shorts for males or women work good with basically any kind of casual top, contained a strip shirt. Girlfriend can finish the look through a pair that white sneakers or a casual pair of sandals because that a stylish however relaxing look and feel.

Red Cargo Shorts


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Men or women deserve to rock a pair that cargo shorts however men often tend to enjoy them the most because of every the pockets the are obtainable in this type of short. You can keep a wallet, flashlight, keys, and also other items in the pockets which makes these shorts stylish and also functional. You deserve to pair them through a white shirt, black color top, or even a T-Shirt depending upon the look you room going for and also where you are going.

Red bike Shorts


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Red bicycle shorts are a wonderful selection for males or ladies whether you are going to yoga class, to the ball ar to watch your children’s game, or to actually go cycling. This pair the shorts is stylish, sleek, and can be worn v a range of different species and color of tops and also shoes, back sneakers seem come work ideal with this kind of red short.

Red Linen Shorts


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Red linen shorts are a an excellent option for guys or women due to the fact that they will help keep girlfriend cool and administer a really stylish and also classic look. You have the right to pair them with black tops, blue shirts, white, yellow, tan, or beige to rock these shorts no issue what the chance is.

Red short Shorts

Red quick shorts, or mini shorts, room not only sexy, however they are also a practical choice for women when it is very hot outside. Castle look an excellent with a wide selection of tops, consisting of blue tank tops or white crop tops.

Red Shorts with Boots

Women especially can absent a pair of corresponding red boots v their red shorts. Girlfriend can include a pair of fishing eye boots or tall boots to her red shorts outfit and you will stand out in any type of crowd. Girlfriend can also opt for a different shade or format of boots, consisting of white, black, or gray.

FAQs about Red Shorts

What colors work-related with red shorts?

There is an array of colors that both men and also women can wear through red shorts, consisting of white, beige, tan, gray, black, and also blue.

What goes with red gym shorts?

Red shorts or trousers room bold and also will look great with a white or blue peak for men or females to wear come the gym or various other casual events with a pair of sneakers.

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What go wearing red median today?

Red is the color to wear on national Wear Red day in February. The work was collection aside come raise awareness of heart disease in women yet it is a an excellent reminder for males also. Heart an illness is often linked with males yet it is the number one killer the women.