While brief stories and also plays are various in format and also in presentation, as functions of literary works they re-publishing many typical elements. As well as standard aspects such as setting, plot and foreshadowing, much of the framework of a quick story is similar to the of a play.

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Standard Elements

Like most develops of literature, plays and short story share facets of setting, conflict and also plot. The setting in a quick story is sometimes explicitly stated, yet often revealed one tidbit at a time, such as a character"s stating the year, or the weather in your location. In a play, the setup is stated in the phase directions for readers, however is revealed come play viewers through backdrops and costumes also as talked lines. Conflict is what drives any kind of work of literature, and also both plays and also short stories have at least one conflict. Although literary works often play games with plot, having actually a beginning, a middle and also an end is generally typical to a short story, with a climax of action then a denouement, or fall action, in ~ the end.


Both plays and short stories usage dramatization to reveal character and also plot. Great short stories, then, have actually dialogue and activity that is similar to a play. Because that example, instead of explaining action, a story reflects it. Rather than saying, "Peter called Annie the his ex-wife and also their youngsters would it is in coming for dinner without offering her any type of explanations," a quick story would dramatize by saying, "Janet and the children are coming because that dinner tomorrow," Peter announced. "What?" countered Annie, yet Peter did no respond as he walked the end the former door." In both brief stories and also plays, the audience should be shown and not told.

Character Development

Both short stories and plays usage minimal background, description and explanations, leaving character breakthrough to the conversation in the story. Reader or viewers choose up information about the personalities in bits and also pieces, through lines castle speak, apparel they wear and also how they communicate with other characters. Through contrast, novels often have long passages explicate the thoughts, feelings and also backgrounds the characters, permitting the reader to conveniently have a watch of that they are and also what their motivations are.

Discovery and also Interpretation

In both brief stories and also plays, a good deal of the explanation, lift and an ideas is left to the viewer or reader to discover and decide because that himself. Since not every little thing is explicitly stated, every viewer or leader interprets activity for himself and may have actually a various experience than another person city hall the same play or analysis the exact same story.

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