If you’ve ever before seen a equine frolicking in a field wearing a blindfold, you can be wondering what the heck the owner to be thinking. Or, maybe you’ve saw a racetrack and also seen the equines wearing strange eye coverings while lock race.

Horses wearing fly masks.

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Why are steeds eyes covered? Horses eyes are usually extended with transparent mesh to avoid flies from biting at your eyes. This fly-mask permits the equine to see and hear just fine but stays clear of flies from collection on their face and also eyes.

If you’ve ever encountered a horse wearing some odd eye wear, don’t worry! He’s probably not blindfolded at all. Right here are some possible explanations.

Horse Vision

Horses don’t watch the civilization in the same means humans do.Because they are prey animals, equines rely on their monocular vision toscan their surroundings because that predators. Predators use binocular vision tofocus on your prey.

Monocular vision: Both eyes are usedseparately, and also they’re usually positioned on the political parties of the animal’s head.This provides them a more comprehensive field that view, but it boundaries their depth perception.Horses deserve to see 2 objects at once on either side of them, but cannot seethings directly behind them. This is why it’s necessary never to strategy ahorse indigenous the rear!Binocular vision: pets that primarilyutilize binocular vision usage their two eyes together to develop a 3-dimensionalimage. Their ar of vision is limited, but depth perception is raised –which is necessary if you’re a predator trying to catch a moving target.

Horses greatly rely on your monocular vision. They can see 350 degrees approximately them (humans have the right to only see about 190 degrees). Most of this is monocular vision, however they do use your binocular vision to focus on things directly in front of them.

Horses should raise and lower their heads to focus on things, i m sorry is why you regularly see jumping horses raising your heads together they method the jumps. (source)

Limiting the field of view

Driving steed with blinkers.

At times, a driver or driver may want to border his horse’s widefield the vision. There are several factors for this:

A working carriage steed in a city might be distracted or scared by every the sights and also movement roughly him. Concentrating his sightline front eliminates a most these distractions or horrible obstacles. A racehorse through an excitable temperament may come to be nervous and also distracted if the sees his competitors quickly comes up next to him, or he may uncover the commotion that the crowd too overwhelming. A jug lesson steed may end up being irritated or grouchy if inexperienced riders carry their horses too close. Sometimes, limiting his ar of view can make him an ext relaxed and also focused on his rider and also his task.

Blinkers and also blinders space the two various ways the field of view can be limited. Don’t issue though, the horses deserve to still see directly in prior of them and also are not fully blinded.

Horses, carriages, and blinkers – oh my!

Humans have actually used horses and other draft pets to pullwagons and also plows for thousands of years. While the tack has certainly changedover the years, the basic setup is the same.

A horse that is pulling a carriage, sleigh, plow, or other automobile will commonly wear some sort of bridle and harness. Lengthy reins are attached come the bridle to offer the driver manage of the horse’s head, and also the harness attaches come the car that the horse is pulling. (source)

The horse’s bridle may feature plastic plates that cover his eyes. This plates are called blinkers (or blinders). He deserve to still see just fine, however his ar of vision is minimal to what’s straight in prior of him.

Driving equines with blinkers.

Think about what a carriage or dare looks choose to a steed –a large box with big spinning wheels, complying with you wherever you go! for anervous horse, this can be a frightening sight. While most seasoned carriagehorses can become accustomed to these odd contraptions, it still could benecessary to save his attention forward rather of behind him.

The history of the Blinker

There may be proof to indicate that blinkers were originally offered to defend the horse’s eye from being struck with the reins, because of the placing of harness straps.

However, together harness draft improved as result of the increased demand for working carriage horses, blinkers became more popular together fashion statements together well. (source)

Decorative carriages and coaches ended up being status signs – especially ornate draft were indicators of high class, wealth, and also status. Wealthy civilization adorned their horses’ tack through gold decorations and often affixed their household crests come the blinkers.

Even for people of reduced class, coach pulling to be no much longer a self-control reserved for heavy, docile draft breeds. Farmer needed horses that can handle your ploughs, but additionally be prepared to jump fences while hunting rabbits on the weekends.

As the use of lighter, much more “flighty” each other increased, handlers were in search of ways to control them among all the commotion – and also they likewise decorated their horses’ blinkers to emulate the fashion choices of the greater classes.

Blinkers became an easy an option for calming down an anxious horse in a bustling city and also showing off v a little of fashion together well. If all her bridles sported blinkers, it’s simpler to swap them between horses if you required to. It likewise created a more uniform watch – whether or no the equines actually required them.

On the Racetrack.

Racehorses often wear hoods or visors rather – these soft hoods are fitted through plastic cup in differing shapes, sizes, and also colored materials.

Trainers use blinker hoods to acquire the most out the theirhorses throughout a race. Some equines respond fine to the addition, specifically ifthey’re prone to distractions. Other horses respond poorly, and also theybecome even an ext anxious – and anxious horses don’t do at your best.

Racing hood on a horse.

Depending top top what nation you’re from, making use of a blinker hood is periodically viewed together a “cop-out” top top the track. The idea is that if a equine needs blinkers, that can’t carry out well ~ above his own merit, and he’s not as an excellent as a equine who deserve to win there is no one. (source)

In America, blinker hoods are common, and even few of the many successful racehorses offered them. Secretariat raced to his renowned Triple Crown success in 1973 wearing his signature blue and white checkered blinker hood.

Trotting harness racehorses commonly wear blinker hoods, but there’s a lot an ext going ~ above in their areas of view. Some of lock will even wear complete visor shields or transparent goggles to protect them from all the paris mud!

Full mesh goggles on a gyeongju horse.

Fly Masks space not Blindfolds

If you check out a steed out in a ar wearing something the looks favor a blindfold, possibilities are that it’s actually a fly mask. Fly masks are just fashionable hoods the cover a horse’s face with a fine mesh – he have the right to still see v it, however it keeps the flies off his sensitive face and eye areas.

Flies top top a steeds fly mask.

Fly masks come in a selection of styles and colors – several of them cover just the eyes, or prolong up end the ears and also face. They’re typically made that mesh and also soft material, therefore they’re comfortable for the horse to wear.

In fact, there room so many choices that i compiled my favorites paris masks in a single post.

There are numerous different reasons regarding why a horse could besporting a fly mask:

Protection from flies and other bitinginsects. Flies room a nuisance, and some can lug diseases. Equines usetheir tails to flick flies from their bodies and also legs, however sometimes theirfaces need extra protection. Protection from sunlight. Some equines aremore sensitive to the UV light ray of the sunlight than others. Light-colored equines withlight-colored eyes that live in a sunny an ar may need extra security fortheir delicate eyes. If they spend a many time exterior or experience from moonblindness, owner may pick to usage a fly mask v UV protection. Recovering from condition or injury. Flymasks are often used to safeguard delicate areas of the face that are healingfrom trauma or disease. Horses with steed recurrent uveitis (commonly referredto together “moon blindness”) often experience inflammation in their eyes anddilation of their pupils. A paris mask can help protect their breakable eyesduring a flare-up. This mare has an eye infection brought about by flies. A paris mask now helps store her eyes clear.Same steed with fly mask.


Because lock are herbal prey animals, steeds rely ~ above theirvision to feel comfortable v their surroundings. If you see a equine wearinga hood or various other eye covering, it’s most likely not a blindfold at all. However,there room some specific circumstances in i m sorry a equine must be totally blindfolded.

While trailering or loading right into a startinggate. Horses have great night vision, but they struggle to transitionfrom areas with bright lights to locations with short light. A dark trailer orenclosed starting gate can be frightening. Trainers might use a blindfold topractice loading and also unloading from these stressful objects – however the bond oftrust have to be created first. During an emergency. There’s a famousscene in Anna Sewell’s classic book Black Beauty: There’s a fire at thebarn, and also the steeds are too afraid to leave. The groom blindfolds castle andleads them out to safety. Blindfolds can calm a nervous horse, particularly ifhe’s approximately someone that he trusts. Medical needs. Equines enduring surgery orother medical procedures might be blindfolded. A nervous horse may not understandall the strange-looking clinical equipment, and he might be much easier to handle if hedoesn’t see it. A horse recovering indigenous eye or face injuries might be blindfoldedto protect his heal eyes.

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It’s more than likely not a blindfold at all!

Generally speaking, a horse have the right to still see just fine through hisvision partially obscured. True blindfolds are a rarely sight, and also you’reprobably looking at a fly mask or blinkers instead.

If you’re considering using blinkers on your horse, keep in mind that every equine is an separation, personal, instance – part may benefit from having their vision limited, yet others might react poorly.

Use care and also proper training when using a blinker hood on your horse, and constantly consult a skilled if you’re unsure just how to proceed.