The presumption is that the stated person"s full time job is come keep records of in-flow and out-flow that cash or money.

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accountantnouna person came to with the maintenance and also audit of service accounts and also the ready of consultant reports in tax and finance. Source: Collins

bookkeepercountable nouna human whose task is come keep specific record that the money the is spent and received through a business or various other organization. Source: Collins


In colleges and some other establishments this is a bursar: a person whose project is to regulate the money of a school, college, or university.


If you desire to it is in amusing, when talking about the member the the family who sits down to pay the bills as soon as a month, you could say

the chancellor (or secretary) of the exchequer


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What execute you speak to a person who is given money come cash your check, normally using force, as soon as the indebted civilization refuse to give your money back?
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