Q: i was do the efforts to include songs to my daughters iphone phone 4 from my library. I accidentally fight autofill and it began to transfer every one of my music. It put her method over capacity. I tried to stop the operation, and now the songs an ext or less show up on her phone however I can’t eliminate them. Carry out I need to wipe her music library and start over? She already had other music on she iPhone that ns assume will be shed as well.

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– JP

A: There are actually two ways to Autofill one iPod or iOS device, and using one of two people shouldn’t actually put the device over capacity, together the suggest of the function is to merely fill up any kind of remaining available space with music tracks. Keep in mind that iTunes may sometimes wrongly report the device as being over-capacity in the sync settings, but this is usually just a calculation error and will deal with itself as soon as you actually sync the device.

friend can accessibility Autofill either once using automatically synchronization or regulating your content manually. Once using automatic sync, simply pick the Automatically fill complimentary space v songs option uncovered on the Music sync settings.


When controlling the contents on an iPod or iphone phone manually, you have to normally have the ability to use the very same “On This iPhone” section to remove any type of tracks that you no longer want top top the device. This is tackled in much the same way as it would be in her actual iTunes library—simply pick the tracks and also press the DELETE switch on your key-board or pick Edit, Delete from the iTunes menu.

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In this case, however, if your daughter has her own iTunes library, friend may find that the monitor in the “On This iPhone” section are greyed out, also if the device is collection to be controlled manually; this is a peculiarity of the iphone phone in for to hands-on management, and in truth the ability to add content at every to an iphone from anywhere but the primary computer system is a fairly recent addition. In this case, you need to still be able to affix her iPhone earlier to her very own computer, access the “On This iPhone” ar from there, and also then go in and delete the added tracks from her device. Relying on how she iPhone is configured come sync through her own computer, however, it’s also feasible that this tracks will certainly be removed immediately by her own iTunes library as quickly as you attempt to sync the device.