Recently, i received an email from a client and friend. She request that i share mine answer.

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Dear Linda:

This morning ns was sitting here at my desk and also I heard chimes, favor the sound of wind chimes. It wasn’t a pass out sound…I assumed it was pretty distinctive. Ns turned around and also asked mine co-worker if she has actually heard them and she looked in ~ me as if i were crazy. Apparently, she had actually not heard the very same thing that ns did.

Doesn’t that average something when you hear wind chimes? Is someone trying to call me from the various other side? What perform you think? — Carol



My price is based upon my own experience. Ns have constantly felt strongly the chimes room an indication the your angels, guides or love ones are approximately you. They are simply making their existence known. The should constantly be viewed as a sign of comfort, but it is no necessarily a sign of a details message. Think that “chimes” or even the sound of bells together someone ~ above the various other side announcing themselves at your “door.” Though plenty of times we don’t constantly answer their door, we can constantly count ~ above the sound gift a welcomed visitor and also not one come fear. Chimes never ever represent strangers; they represent someone that is acquainted to us in spirit.

For instance, I shed my godmother, my Aunt Jeannie, for bit back, and also I was at the hospital once she drew her critical breath. Ns stood alongside her sister (no relation) and also out of all the world in the room, we were the only ones who might attest to see a mist rise from mine aunt’s body at the moment of death. We never really questioned it v anyone. However, as soon as we met at the funeral home, she had actually an amazing story to share. She said me that when my aunt to be alive, they were so close the they to be in contact every work by phone, at about noon, as soon as they would take a break because that lunch, generally it to be my Aunt Jeannie who would make the call. After mine aunt died, she sister common with me that she had been listening the chimes in the backyard ring every day, through no wind, at noontime, and that she felt comforted by the reality that mine aunt still appeared to it is in “calling” her.

So, soul is connecting when girlfriend hear chimes. Take on them and put yourself in a quiet ar so the you can be mindful to what they may be saying.

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POSTSCRIPT: while ns was composing this, ns was debating in my head even if it is my aunt assignment her name Jean or Jeannie. I chose that it no matter, and I to be just around to submit this item to it is in published once the phone call rang! mine friend, Todd, was below visiting and I looked at the phone and also commented “No Caller ID.” yet something called me to answer it. After saying hello, the man said, “Jeannie?”

I told him he had actually the not correct number, but did he? ns went back and adjusted the assignment of her name, simply in case.