The news had actually something that occurred on this day a couple of years ago(9-11) and it had in the title "Gestern-heute" if ns remember correctly. What does the mean?


To do the concern clearer i am not in search of the definition of "gestern" or "heute", but if putting them together has actually a meaning. I don"t psychic the sentence but it to be talking around the 9-11 events in 2001.

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Ah! Well, if you would have contained this info in your question, the would more than likely have solution by currently :)
It"s most likely not claimed to be one word, because


seems inconsistent (an antinomy), other than maybe in the feeling of "either yesterday and/or today" (and climate it would be my an initial encounter through it). Meaning: together things room standing it doesn"t have some acknowledged meaning. You deserve to still interpret an interpretation into it, choose you can into Eckenschirm.

Otherwise it"s a comparison or timespan in between yesterday and also today.

I guess: v the “-” in “gestern-heute” is not expected as a hyphen, yet rather as a dash. Therefore it have to be created “gestern – heute”. Both words are used right here in a figurative sense, representing past and present. So ns would intend the short article to comparison past and also present facets of the 9/11 attack.

A indigenous gestern-heute or gesternheute no exist, together Grantwalzer already confirmed.



It could have been a "bis-Strich" (I don"t recognize the English term for that). In that situation it was more than likely typeset not as a hyphen (-) however as one en-dash (–).

If the is the case, "gestern–heute" would average "gestern bis heute", "from yesterday to today".

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Generally, the "bis-Strich" is offered to represent ranges, prefer "von 3–5 Uhr" (from 3 to 5 o"clock), or "Seite 36–42" (pages 36 come 42).


from yesterday to this day (timespan); maybe what has changed, how was it back then, and also how is it currently (the situation)


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