So critical night the male that I"ve been date for 2 months called me "love" for the an initial time. And he did that twice. Perform you every think that is simply a new term the endearment he"s utilizing or do you think the he is starting to feel feelings the love?


The context wasn"t the serious, the was an ext like we bumped arms and he said "i"m sorry my love" and also i forgot what the various other scenario was but it was similar to the one.

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Calling girlfriend "love" and also calling you "my love" are two various thing IMO.


The man in the deli accross the street from my task calls me "love" that means absolutely nothing.


If he"s calling girlfriend "my love" i don"t recognize if that means he is in love with you yet I carry out think it"s a good sign. Either means I wouldn"t put lot weight ~ above it.

I have a few friends I usage the term "love" with... Not "my love" i beg your pardon I would agree constitutes a different meaning perhaps. Yet "love" is simply a ax of endearment because that me... Someone I"m nearby to who I carry out love, but in a non-romantic way. For example, I have actually a friend whom ns emailed last night and also in signing turn off I claimed something like "Okay love, it"s obtaining late and I need to get some sleep." simply a term of endearment.



I think it have the right to mean nothing and sometimes it deserve to mean something.


I"d go v his actions more than his native though.

Words space meaningless unless supported by actions that prove the words to have actually meaning. Go with his actions no words.

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Agreed. Doesn"t average anything... Just a ax of endearment. I contact all my friends hun, babe, love, sweety... Girl or guys... Ns think some people are just an ext into making use of these words when talking to people.

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