Hamsters are normally quiet pets that are not well-known for being loud, however as any kind of hamster owner will certainly tell you, these tiny animals are qualified of making several distinctive vocalizations. Over there are numerous reasons for these vocalizations, and also as an owner that a hamster, it’s a good idea to acquire acquainted with the sounds the they make.

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While countless of this sounds room not well researched and also can mean various things depending upon the context, obtaining to know these sounds have the right to still aid you obtain to recognize your hamster far better and cater to your needs an ext accurately. Context is necessary when considering the sounds the hamsters make, and additionally getting to understand the accompanying human body language will go a long method toward deciphering what your hamster is trying come say!

In this article, we’ll look at the seven most typical sounds the hamsters make and what they generally mean.


1. Squeaking

When you cite the sounds that hamsters make, squeaking is commonly the only sound that pertains to mind. This is the sound that they make many often, and also they squeak come convey a selection of various emotions. Joy is the many common, and especially when they are young, they will squeak out of pure delight when gift fed, running on a wheel, or receiving a brand-new toy come play with.

That being said, hamsters will additionally squeak once they get injured or irritated and also are well-known to squeak when hungry. Again, context will normally tell you the factor for your squeak!

2. Hissing

Hissing is the an initial and most usual sign of uncomfortable in her hamster. Lock will regularly hiss if lock feel endangered or angry, and also this is usual when introducing new hamsters to her home. After ~ socialization, they have to stop do this sound as they become much more comfortable through their surroundings. If you notice your hamster hissing when they room alone, there may be something in their immediate environment that is making lock uncomfortable, prefer a brand-new toy or cramped life conditions. Examine their cage and see if removed a new toy or an altering things about calms castle down.

3. Clicking

Also recognized as “bruxing,” hamsters periodically rub their teeth together, bring about a clicking sound. This sound is usually a an excellent sign that a content and happy hamster, comparable to a purring cat! as soon as you hear her hamster clicking their teeth, you deserve to rest easy, understanding all is well in your world!

4. Crying and Screaming

A crying or screaming hamster is a sound the nobody wants to hear, specifically the hamster’s owner! the is a rather disturbing sound, come say the least, and also will reduced right into your ears and also heart. This screaming is also fairly rare, and hamsters will certainly usually only make this sound as soon as they are specifically alarmed or frightened or in genuine pain. A extremely stressed hamster, a hamster that has been reduce or is in pain, or fighting hamsters will occasionally scream or cry, and also it is not in any way a pleasant sound!

5. Sneezing

Just like humans, hamsters might sneeze and also cough in reaction to something in your environment. Part dust or one unpleasant odor may reason them to reaction with little coughing or sneezing fit, and also it is normally nothing to concern about. The said, some hamsters will cough or sneeze due to allergies, or castle may even have a common cold and also should it is in taken for a checkup if they space sneezing incessantly.

6. Chirping

Just like birds, hamsters chirp too! lock will commonly make this sound for the same reason as squeaking: They might be excited and also happy or maybe in are afraid or anger, and also context is crucial to ascertain the reason.

7. Cooing

While this sound is fairly rare in hamsters, some hamster owners report their hamsters cooing quietly at times. This is a soft, quiet, vibrating sound that is the authorize of a content and happy hamster. Have actually you heard your hamster cooing? you re welcome let us recognize in the comments!


Final Thoughts

Getting to understand the various sounds the your hamster provides is critical method of gaining to understand them better and will assist you accomplish their needs more accurately. Remember the context is crucial with the sounds that they room making, specifically when squeaking, so the is as much as your endure as the owner come ascertain whether they room excited or terrified!


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Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and also Rosa, a brand-new Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in brand-new Zealand. She has actually a strong love for all pets of all shapes and sizes (and an especially loves a great interspecies friendship) and also wants come share her pet knowledge and also other experts’ understanding with pet lovers throughout the globe.

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Final Thoughts



Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and also Rosa, a brand-new Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole currently lives ~ above a lush woodland property through her Kiwi husband in brand-new Zealand. She has actually a strong love because that all animals of every shapes and also sizes (and an especially loves a great interspecies friendship) and wants come share her animal knowledge and also other experts" expertise with pet lovers throughout the globe.

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