Everyday Portuguese expressions To Know before You go To Brazil

All language-learners have been there. ~ spending months enthusiastically learning a brand-new language, us hit a snag… turns out indigenous speakers have actually a vocabulary of their own!

This is particularly true for those learning Brazilian Portuguese. Conversational Portuguese in Brazil is full of slang and cultural references. The day-to-day lingo is inundated with well-known Brazilian slang words and phrases.

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Here’s the solution:


10 Portuguese Slang Phrases come Sound like a local in Brazil.

1. Legal


There are seemingly infinite ways come say“cool”or“great”in Brazilian Portuguese, and they differ by region. However,legalis the dominant word, used commonly from north to south of Brazil.

Legal(lay-gow) literally means “legal”, however it is offered to explain all things cool or awesome. New shirt?Legal!New movie out?Legal!Got an A ~ above the test?Legal!

Some other Brazilian synonyms because that cool that are slightly less formal include:maneiro,da hora,top,sinistro.

2. Beleza?


In Portuguese textbooks, we discover that as soon as we greet who in Brazil, the go-to phrase isTudo bem?(“All good?”), however Brazilians are much more creative than this v their greetings.

Tudo bem?is frequently substituted withBeleza?

Instead of asking if whatever is walking well, castle ask if whatever is beautiful.

You can likewise substituteTudo bem?withTudo jóia?, i m sorry literally meansAll jewelry?” however is construed as “All good/shiny/beautiful?

Bottom line? following time girlfriend greet a Brazilian, askBeleza?instead ofTudo bem?

3. E ai?

Literally:“And there?

E ai(ee-eye-ee) is a mouthful of collection that basically means“What’s up?”It is most commonly used together a means to greet friends, often complied with by aTudo bem?orBeleza?.

If the conversation is even an ext intimate or among friends, it will most certainly contain amanoorcara(Brazilian slang because that dude/bro). Here’s an example:

Gabriel:E ai mano, beleza?(“Hey bro, every good?”)

Mateus:E ai, como cê tá?(“Hey, exactly how are ya?”)

Key takeaway? don’t get perplexed when girlfriend hear Brazilians greet each other with what can sound like a arbitrarily noise.

4. Eita

Literally: No translate in (sound, exclamation)

Eita(eh-ta) isn’t a word the is analyzed in the textbooks, however when you’re surrounded by Brazilians, you’ll hear the left and also right.

The sound is one interjection the expresses either satisfaction or fear, relying on the situation.

5. Fica à vontade

Literally:“Be at her will”or“Be at her desire.”

If you entering someone’s home, Brazilians use this phrase to tell you tomake yourself feeling at home.

If you’re entering a store, this same phrase translates an ext to“Take her time, go at your very own pace.”

6. Não Tô Nem Ai

Literally:“I’m not even there.”

Não tô nem ai(now-to-neyng-eye-ee) is one informal way of saying“I don’t also care”(or“I couldn’t care less“).

But be careful! ns don’t treatment is an extremely versatile in English, whereas in Portuguese, you have actually a various expression because that each sentiment.

For example, if you desire to say“I don’t care about where we eat“, the expression isda igual(“it’s the same”, literally: “it gives equal”) ornãoligo(“I nothing care”, literally: “I don’t connect”).

On the various other hand, if you desire to say“I nothing care”in the sense that“It is no a huge deal”,the expression would certainly benão importa(“It’s no important.”)

7. Sei la

Literally:“I know over there.

Brazilians often insist the this phrase translates to“Whatever”, however it is far more flexible than the likes of words “Whatever.”

Most often, that means“Who knows?”For example:

Gabriel:Por que ele fez isso?!(“Why go he carry out that?”)

Mateus:Sei la mano(“Who knows, man.”)

It can likewise be provided to mean“I have no idea. because that example:

Gabriel:Sei la o que vou fazer mano… (“I have actually no idea what ns going to do man.”)

In a an ext aggressive way, the can likewise mean the doesn’t issue or who cares. For example:

Gabriel:O que deveria fazer?(“What need to I do?”)

Mateus:Sei la cara, o problema é seu(“I don’t treatment bro, it’s your problem.”)

Key takeaway? come sound an ext fluent, shot tune your ears to hearsei laand combine it into your vocab.

8. Nossa (Senhora)!

Literally:“Our (lady)!”

Nossa(no-sah)isused together an exclamation for every little thing good, bad, exciting, scary – you name it. However where go this phrase come from?

In the largest country in south America with a populace of about 210 million, 90% that Brazilians identify as Christians.

This society seeps right into their slang and also colloquialism, evolving right into several different ways to say “Oh mine God!” in Brazilian Portuguese,such as:

Meu Deus!(“My God!”)Nossa Senhora!(“Our Lady!”, introduce to the Virgin Mary, often shortened toNossa)Deus execute Céu!(“God that Heaven!”, often attracted out v every syllable pronounced)Ave Maria!(from the well known Ave Maria, frequently shortened toaff)

9. Falou


This is an informal, slang method of saying“Bye”in lieu of the typical BrazilianTchau.

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Take this chat between Gabriel and also Maria as an instance that you could hear in the street…

Gabriel:Tchau, até mais!(“Bye, watch you later!”)


10. Valeu

Literally:“It to be worth it.”

Valeu(val-ay-o)comes indigenous the verbvaler(“to it is in worth, value”). It is one informal method of sayingobrigado/a(“thank you”) in Brazilian Portuguese. Occasionally Brazilians combine the two:Valeu, obrigado!

E ai? are You all set for Brazilian Portuguese Level 2?

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