: to descend (as indigenous a cliff) by sliding down a rope happen under one thigh, throughout the body, and also over opposing shoulder or with a unique friction device

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Recent instances on the web Emergency crews were then able come rappel down come the hanging truck and attach a harness to every occupant, permitting them to be safely carried earlier to the bridge. — Fox News, 16 Mar. 2021 making use of methods more likely to be watched in a Hollywood movie than in an historical project, researchers had actually to rappel down a precarious cliff confront to reach the cave opening, i beg your pardon is 262 feet below a cliff top and flanked by gorges on either side. — Patrick Smith, NBC News, 16 Mar. 2021 Fire crews arrived and also used harnesses to rappel down the face of the slim cliff and also reach the man. — Fox News, 30 Dec. 2020 The stole girder that holds increase the living-room ceiling is also a rise pole, v a exploit so guests can rappel down. — Burkhard Bilger, The new Yorker, 23 Nov. 2020 on Friday, the 28-year-old will rappel down a 357-foot tall structure in Columbus. — buy it Brookbank, The Enquirer, 6 Aug. 2020 top top Friday, Schneider will certainly rappel down a 357-foot tall building in Columbus. — Keith Bierygolick, The Enquirer, 6 Aug. 2020 Hocking State forest is also opening number of recreational features, consisting of the horse camp, aircraft Rock, and also the bridle trails phibìc of the Unger roadway rappelling area top top June 15. — Steve Stephens, The Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati.com, 26 may 2020 Friends and family post on social media the Dorsett was an skilled climber and also canyoneer, an extreme form of long that entails exploring canyons by rappelling, swimming and also more. — James Carr, azcentral, 27 Feb. 2020

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History and Etymology for rappel

French, literally, recall, indigenous Old French rapel, native rapeler to recall, native re- + apeler come appeal, contact — much more at very nice one