“So God produced man in His very own image…Then God saw whatever that He had actually made, and also indeed it was really good. So, the evening and the morning to be the sixth day.” Genesis 1:27,31

I have actually come to believe that God is a mathematics nerd. Every time I review the Bible, I always seem come come across particular numbers choose 7, 12, and also 3. Have you noticed this? But, then I observed the number 6 and, discovering every indigenous (and number) in the scriptures is there for a reason, I got curious about what it could mean.

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It transforms out the number 6 has a most meaning. And, it’s not simply historical. It’s also prophetic.

Full Disclaimer

First of all, I need to emphasize that i am not promoting some mystical, “angel number” mumbo jumbo. I’m additionally not make the efforts to indicate we must scrutinize every number in the Bible. That would be a destructive trap due to the fact that not every number is intended to be studied, and also it could reason us to shed sight of what God is trying to teach us.

I am just making an monitoring of something i’ve noticed in oh my god word. Ns willing to bet did you do it noticed the Jesus was resurrected after three days, there were twelve disciples, and that God is three in one. The number six falls in line with that.

Hopefully ns making feeling here. For this reason if you ready, let’s relocate on.

Man’s Weakness

The number 6 refers to plenty of things in the Bible, but it’s first mentioned in Genesis 1:31 as soon as God developed man top top the 6th day.

According to scriptures scholars, just as the number 7 frequently signifies perfect or perfection specifically of God, the number 6 is one shy the that, which means it signifies imperfection. Much more specifically, it describes the imperfection that man and also the sin and weakness the has.

As us all know, Adam went on to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden and broke the connection in between heaven and also man enabling sin to get in the earth. Man’s weakness is why number 6 is referred to as the “number the man.”

Joshua and Jericho

The 6th chapter that Joshua is where we check out that Joshua and the Israelites marched about Jericho once a work for 6 days with seven priests each transferring a trumpet (remember, seven way perfection). It to be on the seventh day the the world were to march about Jericho seven times v the clergymans blowing the trumpets therefore the city walls would fall.



(Ruins the Jericho)

God commanded the Israelites to march for 6 days come prove their imperfect capability to demolish Jericho. Yet on the seventh day, God destroyed the city so that He alone would receive the glory. Only God is perfect, and also only He can perform perfect miracles. It’s no by male power, yet only by the hand that God.

A Precursor that Rest

God’s 4th commandment tells united state to job-related for 6 days and also rest top top the saturday (Exodus 20:8, Exodus 31:12–17). God might have offered us this commandment because He knows our weakness so well and that us can’t continually work seven job a week. I recognize I can’t.

God also commanded the Israelites to harvest their land for six years and then let it rest the saturday year. The saturday year is dubbed the Year of Jubilee. God’s command isn’t simply pure agricultural genius, it’s additionally to illustrate God’s strength to gain back what He has actually made.

(Fun fact: God likewise uses the Year that Jubilee together a time that forgiveness of property debts and for offering slaves their freedom. See the story of Jacob here.)

Restored Connection

Another example of god’s restorative power is His bookend to man’s creation on the 6th day and subsequent loss into sin with Jesus’ fatality on the cross on the 6th day the Passover.

The seventh day the the celebration of Passover was the Sabbath in maintaining with the fourth commandment. This meant that all judicial punishments were resolved by the 6th day the Passover week. So, Pontius Pilate and also Herod both the evaluation Jesus on the fifth day and into the beforehand morning hours of the 6th day, climate He was nailed come the overcome the afternoon of the 6th day.

Just as man was produced in six days, Jesus revived the connection between heaven and also man on the 6th day of Passover do a method for united state to find salvation with His redeeming blood.



Other Mentions the SixThe variety of the Beast

Because the number six can represent imperfection, we have to talk around what is known as the variety of the beast — 666. The apostle john writes around it in Revelation 13:18.

“Here is wisdom. Let the who has actually understanding calculate the variety of the beast, because that it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

Notice there are three sixes. Now, remember that God is three in one, or perhaps 111 for illustrative purposes. Due to the fact that God is a perfect holy trinity, then Satan — the beast — is perfect unholy evil.


In Revelation 13, God reveals the beast’s strength to john as a prophecy, a warning, around the evil devastation the beast will certainly spread. God also warns united state to pay fist to the signs of His return when He lastly defeats the beast, gathers His children, and establishes His eternal kingdom on earth.

Every Biblical prophecy has actually proven true for this reason far. There is no reason not to believe this one. So, be watchful.

What’s most Important

I want to emphasize again that we shouldn’t have to be examining every single number in the Bible. But, if there is noþeles we can learn from acquisition a look in ~ the number 6, probably we should notice how it shines a spotlight ~ above man’s weak while additionally highlighting God’s power to regain what when was lost.

A main theme the the scriptures is not only God’s love but His goal to restore His partnership with His children and also reclaim them for eternity. If the number 6 is a sign of that, so be it. But, let’s not shed sight that what’s constantly most important.

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God’s elegant is eternal, His love is true, he is forever faithful, and also He will stop at nothing to present us.