Detect the guilty, safeguard the innocent

The sequence is acquainted for the T.V. Crime collection aficionados.

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Abby, the NCIS crime lab examiner, activates her powerful computer. She input a implicit fingerprint collected from a crime scene and instantly gets a portrait the the poor guy, with complete identifying details. 

She is make an automatically fingerprint identification, a procedure that instantly matches one or several unknown fingerprints versus a database of known and unknown prints.

Predictably, the truth is really different.

The latent publish examiner requirements to do a quality check, plot minutia, and also then search.

AFIS represents Automated Fingerprint to know Systems.


But the is appropriate to speak that since they very first emerged in the 1980s, AFIS systems, offered for criminal identification, have become central to the work-related of police and also other regulation enforcement agencies worldwide.

By drastically increasing the potential for effectively identifying a suspect, these systems have fundamentally changed how authorities technique investigating a wide range of crimes and criminal activities.

In this article, us will focus on five topics:

The basics: biometrics because that identificationThe technical obstacles of AFISThe early on stages: prove the worth of AFISThe structure blocks: a considerable investigation tool kitAFIS and the future of regulation enforcement

Let"s dig in.

AFIS - six decades the research and also development

At an initial glance, the rule of using modern-day technology come automate the laborious and time-consuming job of manually processing fingerprints taken from a suspect and crime scene shows up straightforward.

However, the evolution of the AFIS into a very efficient and effective tool, qualified of scrutinizing large databases and also providing potential fingerprint matches in a issue of minutes, is the product of extensive research and breakthrough that now stretches back over 5 decades.

And the procedure is ongoing.

Alongside the ever-present "traditional" crime, the beginning of new challenges, such as an international terrorism and illegal immigration, has actually only heightened the require for authorities to identify individuals that might pose a danger to landscape safety and also security.

At the exact same time, brand-new biometric innovations - consisting of iris and also facial recognition​ – mean that the AFIS is quickly transforming into the ABIS (Automated Biometric identification System), offering law enforcement agencies through an even much more powerful tool.

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With the brand-new generation the ABIS software, fingerprint inspectors can procedure multiple complex biometric transactions with high accuracy and also link confront recognition​ to fingerprint or iris scanning. (source: Thales CABIS 7.0)

ABIS can procedure multiple facility biometric transactions with high speed and also accuracy and link, for example, confront recognition come fingerprint or iris recognition, overcoming to know limitations generally encountered in unimodal systems.