The American truth star Tim Chapman got fame indigenous A&E TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter series, whereby he assists Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman to track down and also capture want fugitives. Though it’s to be a long time due to the fact that this collection ended, fans room still curious come know about Tim Chapman’s life. Discover out everything around Tim Chapman’s an individual life, family, wife, network worth, and how he came to be a bounty hunter.

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Tim Chapman Bio: who is Tim Chapman?


Tim married Daviana Chapman however there’s no comprehensive information of when the two married. Tim and Daviana married in 2010 and also got divorced. The reason behind his divorce to be his wife was accused cheating on him.

Daviana’s real name is Davinanatasha R. Faletoi. Tim has actually four youngsters with her: daughters Summer Rain, autumn Sky, boy Thunder Cl oud and also Storm hunter, and also he also has an additional son indigenous his previous relationship, Tim Chapman Jr. In total, the has 5 children.

Tim Chapman’s arrest history: What happened to him?

The very first arrest the Tim Chapman’s remained in September 2006. Puerto Vallarta police took Tim Chapman, Duane and also his child Leland into custody because that chasing and capturing serial rapist Andrew Luster. Though they caught him successfully, police officers arrested them because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. They challenged charges of unlawful detention and deprivation of freedom. Charges against all 3 dropped in 2007.

Again In January 2008, prosecutors charged Tim with first-degree terroristic threatening and indecent exposure after defense guards of a shopping center in Honolulu reported a man fondling himself in a car at a parking lot.

Tim’s lawyer declared he had actually spilled orange juice on his pants and also was transforming them. In the end, he wasn"t found guilty in ~ his trial and also he became free.

Where is Tim Chapman now? Is he dead?

Since the collection Dog the Bounty Hunter finished in 2012, Tim hasn’t showed up on the screen. That seems favor Chapman likes being away from the spotlight.

Though rumors spread that he"s dead after no knowing any updates top top his life, us surely have the right to tell you that he is alive. Quite he enjoys living the life that a solitary father. He also has custody end his and also his ex-wife"s children.

What is Tim Chapman"s network worth?

According to authoritative sources, as of 2021, an American reality personality and also retired bounty hunter Tim Chapman"s network worth is an ext than $3 million.

Duane Chapman’s daughter baby Lyssa Chapman arrested in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Who is Dog the Bounty Hunter? just how did Tim come to be a bounty hunter?


The reality personality Duane Lee Chapman is Dog the Bounty Hunter. After years of bounty hunting, Duane gained some spotlight and A&E chose to develop a reality collection around his bounty hunting job. The an initial series the Dog the Bounty Hunter premiered on respectable 30, 2004, and also it has actually a full of 8 seasons.

Find Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman top top Instagram come know more about him.

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When Tim became interested in his family business ABC Bail Bonds, the met Duane “Dog” Chapman. Duane take it him under his wing and also made him his organization partner. Tim bonded v Duane, his wife Beth, and their child Leland in Hawaii where they opened up the Da Kine round business. As their company exploded, A&E TV determined them as the design template of the new reality TV series, Dog the Bounty Hunter.