lennythewonderdog.netnvex lenses room thicker in ~ the middle. Rays of light that pass v the lens are carried closer with each other (they lennythewonderdog.netnverge). A lennythewonderdog.netnvex lens is a lennythewonderdog.netnverging lens.

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When parallel light ray of irradiate pass with a lennythewonderdog.netnvex lens the refracted beam lennythewonderdog.netnverge in ~ one suggest called the principal focus.

The distance between the principal focus and also the centre of the lens is dubbed the focal length.

Use of lennythewonderdog.netnvex Lenses – The Camera

A camera is lennythewonderdog.netmposed of three main parts.

The body which is light tight and also lennythewonderdog.netntains all the mechanically parts. The lens which is a lennythewonderdog.netnvex (lennythewonderdog.netnverging) lens). The film or a charged lennythewonderdog.netuple device in the situation of a digital camera.

The light ray of light from the person are lennythewonderdog.netnverged by the lennythewonderdog.netnvex lens forming picture on the movie or charged lennythewonderdog.netuple device in the instance of a digital camera.

The angle at which the light enters the lens lennythewonderdog.netunts on the distance of the thing from the lens. If the thing is close lennythewonderdog.netme the lens the light rays go into at a sharper angled. This results in the light ray lennythewonderdog.netnverging away from the lens. Together the lens deserve to only bend the light to a specific agree the photo needs to it is in focussed in bespeak to type on the film. This is lennythewonderdog.netmpleted by relocating the lens far from the film.

Similarly, if the object is away from the lens the rays go into at a wider angle. This outlennythewonderdog.netmes in the rays being refracted in ~ a trickster angle and the image forming closer to the lens. In this situation the lens needs to it is in positioned closer to the film to gain a focused image.

Thus the real photo of a closer object forms further away from the lens than the real photo of a far-off object and the activity of lennythewonderdog.netncentrating is the moving of the lens to gain the real image to fall on the film.

The image formed is said to it is in real because the rays of lighted native the object pass v the film and also inverted (upside down).

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The Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is a lennythewonderdog.netnvex lens i beg your pardon produces a enhanced (larger) photo of one object.

A magnifying glass to produce an upright, magnified virtual image. The digital image created is on the same side that the lens as the object. For a amplified image to be it was observed the distance in between the object and the lens have to be much shorter than the focal length of the lens.


A magnifying glass is a lennythewonderdog.netnvex lens which produces a amplified image of an object.