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Condensation is the procedure where water vapor becomes liquid. The is the reverse of evaporation, where liquid water i do not care a vapor.Condensation happens among two ways: one of two people the waiting is cooled to its dew point or it i do not care so saturated v water vapor that it cannot organize any much more water.

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Dew PointDew allude is the temperature in ~ which condensation happens. (Dew is simply condensed water in the atmosphere.) waiting temperatures deserve to reach or fall below the dew point naturally, as they often do in ~ night. Thats why lawns, cars, and also houses are regularly coated with water droplets in the morning.Condensation can additionally produce water droplets on the external of soda can be ~ or glasses of cold water. When warm air access time the cold surface, that reaches that dew point and condenses. This pipeline droplets that water ~ above the glass or can.When a bag of waiting becomes full of water vapor, clouds form. The allude at which condensation starts deserve to be quickly viewed in cumulus clouds, i beg your pardon have level bottoms. Those flat bottoms are where vapor starts to condense right into water droplets.SaturationClouds are just masses that water droplets in the atmosphere. Molecule in water vapor are far apart native one another. As an ext water vapor collects in clouds, they can come to be saturated v water vapor. Saturation clouds cannot hold any much more water vapor. As soon as clouds space saturated with water vapor, the density, or closeness, that the molecule increases. The vapor condenses and also becomes rain.Cold wait holds less water vapor than warm air. This is why heat climates room often much more humid 보다 cold ones: Water vapor continues to be in the air instead of condensing right into rain. Cold climates are an ext likely to have actually rain, since water vapor condenses an ext easily there.


Making RainCloud condensation nuclei (CCN) space microscopic bits the clay, salt, or hard pollutants such as ash indigenous smoke. Water in clouds condenses approximately these condensation nuclei to form raindrops.

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(atm) unit the measurement same to air pressure at sea level, around 14.7 pounds every square inch. Also called standard atmospheric pressure.