I always worry around mixing purple acrylic repaint with other colors that I will just get brown! yet you deserve to make part really funny colors by combining purple v all the colour of the rainbow!

Today we are going to see what happens when we mix violet acryllic paint with various colors!

I went with the “rainbow” colour of mine youth and also used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and also indigo (dark blue) because that the test.

About the paint… every the paints room super cheap hobby Lobby paint that ns picked up on sale.

Mixing Purple through the Rainbow Colors!

I will perform my finest to provide you mine impressions of what happened when I combined all the color together. There is a video below that reflects every color and also it"s corresponding swatch.

Purple blended With Red

It provides sense the purple combined with red would certainly make some kind of color due to the fact that purple is make by combine the primary colors red and also blue in equal parts.

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What I found is that mixing red and purple came to be a “Maroon” color. Not a super nice maroon, it had a muddy high quality that would make a good neutral background, however I like making Maroon by mix red and also blue rather than trying to take it an currently mixed color and make that what ns want!

Additional resource :: how To make Purple

Purple blended With Orange

This was perhaps the one that I chosen the least! the did make a Taupe color, however it was a super dull, taupy brown color.

That is because purple and orange are kind of caddy corner across the shade wheel. Mix paints that room at the “corners” or also right across works better!

Purple mixed With Yellow

This didn"t work out lot better, simply developing a muddy, pinkish beige.

I would not usage this in my daily art journal pages together I like much more primary, bold colors in my work!

Purple mixed With Green

This one was a large surprise come me! This turned right into a nice coco brown aubergine color.

I occasionally struggle to make a quite brown paint, but this one functioned great. Probably because it was greatly blue (green is blue and also yellow, purple is blue and also red) so over there is a lot of blue, some yellow and some red in the mix!

Light Blue mixed With Purple

Okay, this one was a winner, winner chicken dinner! Mixing irradiate blue and also purple functioned great!

It do a periwinkle shade that to be deeper 보다 lavenderbut quiet lighter than a constant purple!

Purple mixed With Dark Blue Navy

Awesome because that making dark purple, deluxe purple! i tried mixing purple with black to gain dark purple, but it simply overwhelmed the color and also made black!

Mixing violet With various other Colors Video

Mixing Purple through Colors FAQ

I have obtained a bunch of different question around mixing purple with other colors! below are some of the best…

What 2 colors do dark purple?

Black blended with purple just makes black. Navy combined with purple makes a really pretty rich dark violet color!

What colors do plum purple?

If you start with purple, you could add some red and also a titch an ext navy to obtain a darker plum purple.

Purple and also blue provides what color?

If you include light blue, girlfriend will get a lavender color. If you include purple and also dark blue (navy) friend will obtain a deep, rich dark purple.

Purple and also teal do what color?

If you provided a light teal or turquoise, you can get a lighter purple color. The said, due to the fact that teal has environment-friendly in it, you are going to start gaining a muddier and also muddier color the an ext you include green to purple!

Mixing Purple v All The colors of The Rainbow Wrapup

Yield: 1How to Mix Purple repaint With various other Colors


What happens as soon as you mix purple v all the colour of the rainbow? check out the colors you make when mixing violet acrylic paint!

Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time20 minute
Total Time22 minute
Estimated Cost$10


JournalAcrylic repaint (any kind will do)


Purple mixed With Red - MaroonPurple combined With Orange - Taupe BrownPurple blended With Yellow - Muddy Pinkish TaupePurple mixed With Green- Nice chocolate Brown, AubergineLight Blue mixed With violet - Periwinkle, Deeper than LavenderPurple mixed With Dark Blue navy - Awesome because that Making Dark Purple, luxury Purple


Purple mixed with red or blue works great, once you gain to the greens or yellow it tends to get an ext muddy.

© Tara Jacobsen
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Mixing Purple repaint With other Colors Wrapup

Okay… hopefully this is a little easier to recognize than most shade theory write-ups are! ns have uncovered that shade mixing is a lot less complicated when you simply grab part paint and just begin experimenting.

Your target color might it is in a bright violet or a much more blue purple hue.

It is only by acquiring in there and messing about that you deserve to start to know how all of the shade palettes work together!

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