I haven't read "To death a Mockingbird" in years, but this concern ate at me throughout the book, and also I never did gain an answer. With the book, the is made fairly clear that Mayella Ewell hired Tom Robinson come come bust up her chifforobe.

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It seems favor a perfect nice piece of furniture, and if she doesn't desire it, she could constantly give it to somebody that does. If she want a pretense to lug Tom in, she can have found something less damaging to her own property.

Am I absent some all-important i that describes this?


In the initial manuscript, Mayella invites Tom come "come over and bust up mine chifferobe", employing a quaint southerly euphemism definition "fuck me silly". She's bring away by surprise once he shows up through an axe and starts hacking far at her furniture. He's later on tried on dues of vandalism and also destroying property. Lee's editor feel this component of the story required to be "punched up" therefore she rewrote it to include the more controversial scene we are now acquainted with.

See, the publication would have made therefore much an ext sense if it hadn't been changed. It probably wouldn't have stuck in the American consciousness as it did, however just since a publication is famed doesn't do it sensible.

Because Harper Lee thought she was really clever v that phrase. Lee was implying the Mayella Ewell want to be forcibly sexually taken by a big, solid negro, whose powerful genitals might "bust up" the patriarchal be oppressive of inadequacy-fearing southern White Manhood (represented by her twisted father). Harper Lee was a southerner that hated the South.

Interesting. For this reason you're saying it's a case of a metaphor or clever phrase overwhelming the sensibility that what was being said, checked out from a literal meaning perspective?

I think that renders a lot much more sense than someone rental someone else to break your furniture.

Mayella had actually a like on Tom. In another time, an additional place, she would have actually just smiled in ~ him, or asked the out. But due to the fact that of the realities the the culture they both live in, she couldn't do that. In fact, she couldn't ask anybody out. She wasn't really attractive, nor was she smart or funny, or charming. Her father to be a fuckwaffle, her house life sucked. She was lonely and also desperate and also frustrated.

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She to be willing come sacrifice a perfectly an excellent chiffarobe in bespeak to acquire her crush right into the house where she can hook up v him in secret. It to be a stupid and also irrational plan, as also as she preferred Tom, she additionally thought of him as an worse being, and also assumed that he would be anywhere her in a heartbeat simply due to the fact that her ancestors had come indigenous a various continent.