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Boreal coniferous forest conquered by spruce tree (Picea). Boreal coniferous woodlands are evergreen coniferous forests that often prosper just south of the tundra in the north Hemisphere whereby winters room long and also cold and also days are short. In north America the boreal woodland stretches native Alaska across Canada come Newfoundland; that stops simply north the the southern Canadian border. The substantial taiga of Asia extends throughout Russia right into northeastern China and Mongolia. In Europe the boreal woodland covers most of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and regions in the Scottish Highlands.

A distinctive subtype of the north American coniferous woodland is the moist temperate coniferous forest, or coastline forest, i m sorry is found along the west shore of north America eastward come the Rocky Mountains. This subtype is sometimes called temperate rain forest (see warm forest), return this term is properly used only to broad-leaved evergreen woodlands of the southerly Hemisphere. Warm temperatures, high humidity, and often misty problems encourage the development of a mossy, moisture-loving plant layer under the large trees the Sitka spruce, western red cedar, west hemlock, Douglas fir, and also coast redwood.


Redwood nationwide Park
Lush forest floor in Redwood national Park, California.
Robert Glusic/Getty Images

Other subtypes the coniferous forest occur at miscellaneous elevations in the Rocky mountains of phibìc America, in main America, and in east Asia. Lock are known as subalpine and montane forests and also are dominated by combinations of pine, spruce, and also fir.

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