Former boy star, actor, singer and multi-millionaire are all fitting descriptions because that celebrity Miley Cyrus. Take it a closer look in ~ Cyrus' background and job in our fun facts slideshow.

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The name Miley is a shortened kind of Cyrus' nickname 'Smiley' since she smiled so lot as a child.


Miley is the daughter of nation singer Billy ray Cyrus. Her parents married a year after ~ she to be born.



Miley and her family members spent several years living in Toronto while her father functioned on the TV display ‘Doc’

Cyrus increased to prominence when she was cast as the command on Disney Channel’s ‘Hannah Montana’ show. She father Billy Ray appeared as she on-screen dad together well.

Miley has gone on to star in a variety of films including ‘The critical Song’ and ‘LOL’ and also voice acting, such as in 'Bolt'

PSA because that those that don't know. The robot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is dubbed Mainframe and is voiced through Miley Cyrus

— alien Coochie (

Miley was rumored to it is in in consideration for the role of Peter Pan in the live television production that ultimately starred Allison Williams.

Cyrus has had multiple publicized relationships. She as soon as dated Nick Jonas and is currently married to Liam Hemsworth.

Miley can currently be seen as among the judges ~ above ‘The Voice’ i beg your pardon she join in 2016, at some point replacing Gwen Stefani together a coach.

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