The state that Ohio mandates part strict rules for new teen vehicle drivers to mitigate teen driving accidents. Teens room the many at threat for auto crashes and three times an ext likely to be associated in a fatal car crash than drivers twenty years and older. CDC statistics disclose that nationally, 2,364 teenagers aged 16 come 19 were eliminated in automobile crashes in 2017. That amounts to 6 per day.

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In Ohio, teen drivers were associated in 132,163 website traffic crashes indigenous 2016 to 2018, of i beg your pardon 251 to be fatal. In 68% of these crashes, the teen was in ~ fault. To help keep teenagers safe ~ above the roads, Ohio follows a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program that eases limitations as teens become older and also gain an ext driving experience.

If your teen is around to take it the Ohio driving test, here’s what you must know around Ohio’s driving regulations for 16-year-olds.

Ohio Probationary Driver patent Rules because that 16-Year-Olds

Teens that have had actually their temporary instruction allow for at least six months can make an meeting at their regional BMV to take it the control test. As soon as they pass, lock will receive a probationary driver"s license. Through a probationary driver"s license, teens are permitted to journey without a parent or guardian. However, for the very first 12 months, Ohio’s driving laws place the following restrictions on brand-new teen drivers:

1. Teens may not operate a car between 12 a.m. And also 6 a.m. Uneven they are:

Accompanied through a parental or guardian.

Driving to or from work-related with the pertinent documentation from the employer.

Driving come or indigenous a school occasion or a spiritual event with the proper documentation indigenous the event official.

Driving throughout an emergency.

2. They may not journey a auto with more than one non-family member together a passenger unless accompanied by a parental or guardian.

3. The driver and also all passengers should wear seat belts.

4. The usage of any mobile devices is prohibited, including hands-free devices. Ohio has actually clamped down on distracted driving. For motorists under 18, distracted driving is a primary offense. That way teens can be pulled over if a legislation enforcement officer watch them utilizing their mobile maker in any type of way.

After 12 months, teens are permitted to drive between the hrs of 1 a.m. And also 5 a.m., yet the other rules tho apply.

Penalties for Breaking Ohio’s teenager Driving Laws

It’s important for teenagers to follow the rule of your probationary driving license if they want to protect against penalties and progress to the next stage of the GDL program.

If your teen is convicted of a web traffic offense in ~ the an initial six months of having a license, it’s most likely they will certainly be ordered to drive v a parent or guardian for a more six months or until they reach age 17.

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Should castle be judge of many violations or an alcohol-related offense, their probationary driver’s license may be suspended for a minimum of six months or as much as one year. Ohio has strict DUI legislations for teens and drivers under the period of 21, and young vehicle drivers with a blood-alcohol level of only 0.02% will face a DUI charge. Losing their patent for a year is miscellaneous no teen will it is in happy around and, together a parent, you won’t be pleased with the legal fees you"ll need to pay either!

Know Driving regulations in Ohio

Ohio’s driving regulations for 16-year-olds are there for a factor — to assist reduce the number of teen automobile crashes and also deaths top top the road. If your teenager is beginning to discover to drive, currently is the time to comment on teen driver safety and explain why it is essential to follow the rules of their probationary license.