Main difference – Anaphase 1 vs 2

Anaphase 1 and anaphase 2 room two phases in the meiotic division of cells which to produce gametes throughout the sexual reproduction. Meiosis is divided into two major phases well-known as meiosis 1 and also meiosis 2. Meiosis 1 is adhered to by meiosis 2. Anaphase 1 is a sub phase in meiosis 1 and also anaphase 2 is a below phase the meiosis 2. During meiotic division, haploid gametes are created from diploid germ cells. The main difference between anaphase 1 and also 2 is the homologous chromosomes are separated during anaphase 1 vice versa, sister chromatids are separated throughout anaphase 2.

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1. What is Anaphase 1 – Process, Function, Features 2. What is Anaphase 2 – Process, Function, Features 3. What is the difference in between Anaphase 1 and also 2


What is Anaphase 1

Anaphase 1, i beg your pardon takes ar at the meiosis 1, is the phase where homologous chromosomes room separated step. The metaphase 1 is followed by the anaphase 1. During metaphase 1, homologous chromosome pairs are arranged in the metaphase plate and both centromeres space attached to a solitary kinetochore microtubule. The spindle microtubules room contracted, causing a constant counterbalancing pressures on the homologous chromosome pairs. The cohesin protein complexes which tie the 2 homologous chromosomes together are broken down, separating the 2 chromosomes from the homologue due to the pressure generated by the kinetochore microtubules. ~ the suitable bi-orientation the chromosomes, the cell is capable of proceeding right into anaphase 1.

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During anaphase 1, homologous chromosomes are pulled in the direction of the opposite poles by the shortening the kinetochore microtubules. The non-kinetochore microtubules room lengthened in stimulate to press the chromosomes more apart. Homologous chromosomes room separated native the cohesin in ~ the eight of the chromosomes. Every separated bivalent chromosome starts moving towards the opposite poles because of the tension created by the microtubules. Anaphase 1 is followed by telophase 1 wherein the bivalent chromosomes arrive at opposing poles. The first division of the cytoplasm is initiated at the anaphase 1. 


Figure 1: Phases that Mitosis

What is Anaphase 2

Anaphase 2, i m sorry takes ar at the meiosis 2, is the action where sister chromatids room separated. Metaphase 2 is adhered to by anaphase 2. Throughout metaphase 2, 2 kinetochore microtubules, each from 2 opposite poles, room attached to the same centromere of the separation, personal, instance chromosomes. These bivalent separation, personal, instance chromosomes space aligned in ~ a new equatorial metaphase plate i beg your pardon is rotated by 90º loved one to the anaphase 1. The suitable arrangement the the separation, personal, instance chromosomes in ~ the equatorial plate, binding v the kinetochore microtubules allows the cabinet to proceeds into the anaphase 2. Throughout anaphase 2, the centromeric cohesion protein complexes space cleaved because of the contacting stress of the kinetochore microtubules on the centromere of the every individual chromosome. Thus, the bivalent chromosomes room separated right into two sister chromatids. Every sister chromatid is now well-known as a daughter chromosome. Further contraction of the kinetochore microtubules pulls each daughter chromosome in the direction of the the contrary poles. Anaphase 2 is adhered to by the telophase 2 where the development of the haploid nuclei at the the contrary poles is take away place. 


Figure 2: Anaphase 2

Difference between Anaphase 1 and 2

Meiosis Phase

Anaphase 1: Anaphase 1 takes place during meiosis 1.

Anaphase 2: Anaphase 2 takes place during meiosis 2.

Haploid vs Diploid

Anaphase 1: Anaphase 1 occurs in diploid cells.

Anaphase 2: Anaphase 2 wake up in haploid cells.

Spindle Fibers

Anaphase 1: two spindle fibers space attached to the centromere that the each chromosome in the homologous pair.

Anaphase 2: 2 spindle fibers are attached to the same centromere of a solitary chromosome.

Separation throughout the Phases

Anaphase 1: Homologous chromosomes space separated during anaphase 1.

Anaphase 2: sister chromatids are separated throughout anaphase 2.

Splitting that the Centromere

Anaphase 1: The centromeres of every chromosome in the homologous pair stay untouched.

Anaphase 2: two sister chromatids are separated by splitting the centromere.


Anaphase 1: Anaphase 1 is not comparable to the anaphase the the mitosis.

Anaphase 2: Anaphase 2 is similar to the anaphase of the mitosis.


Anaphase 1: during anaphase 1, homologous chromosomes room arranged in the cell equator.

Anaphase 2: throughout anaphase 2, separation, personal, instance chromosomes room arranged in a airplane which is rotated by 90º loved one to the anaphase 1.

Separation the the Cohesin Protein Complex

Anaphase 1: The cohesin proteins at the chromosomal arms space cleaved during the anaphase 1.

Anaphase 2: The cohesin protein complexes at the centromere are cleaved throughout the anaphase 2.

End Result

Anaphase 1: Chromosomes are current at the the contrary poles at the end of the anaphase 1.

Anaphase 2: sister chromatids are current at the the contrary poles in ~ the end of the anaphase 2.


Anaphase 1 and 2 are two phases the take ar in meiosis 1 and also meiosis 2 stages respectively. Anaphase 1 takes place in 4n cells whereas anaphase 2 takes ar in 2n cells. Anaphase 1 to produce a 2n cabinet from the 4n cell. Anaphase 2 to produce an n cell from a 2n cell. Throughout anaphase 1, a single kinetochore-microtubule is fastened to every of the chromosomes in the homologous chromosome pair. Throughout anaphase 2, two kinetochore microtubules, each from one pole of the two opposite poles, affix to the very same centromere that the bivalent chromosome. Contraction of the kinetochore microtubules allows the separation of either homologous chromosome pair or the individual chromosome right into chromosomes and sister chromatids respectively. Therefore, the key difference in between anaphase 1 and 2 is your separations at the equatorial plate.

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