How old perform you have to be to go skydiving? The minimum period for tandem skydiving is 16 years old. If you’re aged in between 16 and 18, you’ll need the signed consent the a parent or legit guardian. Over there is no maximum period to walk skydiving.

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Our youngest jumpers who can take component in a tandem skydive is set by british Skydiving, who space the British national Governing Body because that Skydiving in the UK. The 16 year old period restriction is established by their safety. The age restriction because that skydiving is based top top the “mental or cognitive volume to evaluate the amount of risk involved in carrying out a parachute descent” - Jeff Montgomery, security & technological Officer, BPA.Safety is our height priority at, like any extreme sport, tandem skydiving does have risks. At we have a 100% safety and security record and your safety is ours priority. Us are totally regulated by the british Skydiving and also we follow their guidelines. On site our chef Instructor ensures all the guidelines are adhered to at all times.
In enhancement we offer all our jumpers industry leading pre-jump training in a simulated skydiving environment, to make certain they feel together comfortable as possible. We usage the very best, market leading parachute technology – the Sigma Tandem Parachute System, and have a core team of full time experienced tandem skydive instructors who collectively have excellent in overfill if 50,000 jumps.
During your tandem skydive, you are strapped to a very experienced, experienced instructor. After your your freefall (typically at approximately 125mph!), her instructor will release and also control the parachute all the method back come the landing strip.All information around any threats are offered on the student declaration type which you’ll need sign before tandem skydiving v us.

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You have the right to view the type here.If you would like an ext information around safety in skydiving you re welcome visit the ‘How Safe’ section of the BPA website – british Skydiving – exactly how SafeIf you’re between 16 and also 18 years old you’ll require to get a BPA membership Agreement kind and BPA medical Information and Declaration signed through a parent or legal guardian. Learn much more about her tandem skydive experience on the day, and also book your jump that a life time today!