In Washington Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker”, the imagery create a dark and also disturbing the atmosphere which reflects the template of how greed will certainly make some human being do whatever it takes to get what lock desire. The language or words used to explain things such together settings, a character, or an occasion can aid create a atmosphere to help describe the theme.

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The setting shows a dark and also mysterious mood as soon as it says, “The swamp to be thickly get an impression with great gloomy pines and hemlocks, few of them ninety feet high, which made the dark in ~ noonday, and a retreat for every the owls the the neighborhood.

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” This tells united state that Tom pedestrian goes to the darkest part of the forest and also there he finds the devil lurking. When Irving offers the words “swamp”, “thickly grown”, “gloomy pines and also hemlocks”, and also “dark in ~ noonday”, it create a dark and also gloomy setup in which the story take away place.

When Tom is in the forest, he find a skull v a tomahawk in it.

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The part of the text where that says, “It was a dreary memento the the fierce struggle that had taken location in this last foothold that the Indian warriors.”, it creates a sad and mysterious atmosphere of the event that had actually taken ar in that location sometime ago. The words, “dreary”, and “fierce” explain the occasion in a boring way.

When Tom pedestrian meets the devil, the glances up at him and sees his image. He is explained to be dark and also devilish as soon as the text says, “but his challenge was neither black color nor copper-color, but swarthy and dingy, and also begrimed with soot, together if he had been accustomed come toil amongst fires and forges.

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” This mirrors him in a murky approach . Some of the crucial words space “dingy”, “begrimed”, “fires”, and also “forges” i m sorry tells that the evil one is extended with ash and also is very dirty together if he had actually never been clean.

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The examples of just how imagery creates the mood for a story helps creates the theme since of the way the story is seen by the readers. In this story, it is about the devil and it tells the story in a dark and gloomy way. The design template of the story is how greed will make world do everything it bring away to obtain what lock want and for Tom Walker, that is talking and making a address the evil, cheeky devil. Just the setting creates a dark and also mysterious the atmosphere which gives a sense that talking with the devil is a poor thing and also how greedy people can be as soon as not caring about how bad it is.

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