The story of just how Medusa was eliminated by Perseus is one of the most thrilling stories in Greek mythology. Perseus to be born to the god, Zeus, and mortal woman, Danae, making that a demi-god with an excellent strength and also intelligent ingenuity. The would become one that the great heroes in Greek mythology because of his capacity to behead the monster, Medusa.

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The beforehand Years the Perseus


Perseus was born to Zeus and Danae. Danae to be the daughter of King Acrisius. Once Perseus to be born, King Acrisius feared that Perseus would thrive up and also kill him, therefore he actors Danae and also Perseus right into the sea in a wooden chest.

The chest came ashore ~ above the island of Serifos, wherein a fisherman found them and took lock in. The fisherman to be the brothers of King Polydectes, that was a malicious king. Perseus would thrive into a strong young man with great power and intelligence.

King Polydectes falls in Love

King Polydectes had fallen in love through Danae and also made she his slave. Perseus want to safeguard his mother, and Polydectes knew Perseus would safeguard her at all costs. Some versions that the myth describe Polydectes together requiring Perseus to lug him a gift, while other versions that the legend send Perseus top top a dangerous quest to save him native overpowering the king.

While the versions space different, they have the exact same outcome; Perseus is notified by King Polydectes to bring earlier the head of Medusa.

The Gorgon Medusa

Medusa to be born a beautiful mortal mrs with lengthy flowing hair. Medusa to be a temptress amongst the gods, and Poseidon had actually impregnated the mortal if in the holy place of Athena. Athena cursed the mortal Medusa through a hideous face and snakes because that hair. Medusa would be confined come a cave, and anyone who made eye call with the Gorgon would be turned to stone.

Perseus Receives presents from the Gods

Perseus, that was the boy of Zeus, had aid from the god on his quest to find and also behead Medusa. Hades, god of the underworld, provided Perseus the lid of invisibility. Hermes, god of travel, offered Perseus a pair the winged sandals. Athena, god that women, provided Perseus a reflective copper shield, and also Hephaestus, god the fire and also the forge, gave Perseus a sword.

Perseus Finds and Beheads Medusa

Using the gifts from the gods, Perseus locates and also enters Medusa’s cave. Perseus find Medusa asleep inside her cave and also makes sure not to wake her. Perseus take away the reflective bronze shield from Athena and also holds it approximately use as a winter to situate Medusa. Walking backward towards Medusa, Perseus proceeds to organize the shield in the air to keep a clear check out of Medusa, making certain to only look at Medusa in the shield.

As Perseus crept closer come Medusa, the wielded the knife that Hephaestus had offered him and also beheaded the monster. Together Medusa was beheaded, she birthed Pegasus and Chrysaor from her neck, that were Poseidon’s children. Perseus threw Medusa’s head into his satchel and also journeyed home.

Perseus supplies Medusa’s Head as a Weapon

On his means home, Perseus came upon Andromeda, a beautiful woman installed into a rock on the shore. The Cetus to be a sea monster in the water listed below that was unavoidable to eat Andromeda. Perseus slew the monster and also rescued Andromeda indigenous the rock.

Perseus wanted to marry Andromeda, who had actually been promised to marry Phineus. Together Perseus and also Andromeda were to it is in married, Phineus attempted come fight Perseus. Perseus offered the head that Medusa to revolve Phineus right into stone. Perseus and also Andromeda went back to see King Polydectes and set his mommy free. Perseus used the head that Medusa to turn Polydectes right into stone.

The moral of the Story

The story of Perseus and also Medusa is told come teach assorted life lessons. Perseus is actors out right into the sea in a wood chest with his unfaithful mother, however they endure the rough seas by praying come Poseidon because that the seas to be calm.

Once landing top top the island of Serifos, Perseus grew into a solid man through noble personality and an excellent intelligence. Together King Polydectes ordered the near-impossible task that Perseus carry him the head of Medusa, Perseus specialized himself come fulfilling the need to conserve his mother.

As the boy of Zeus, Perseus had help from the gods during his trip to discover Medusa. Perseus provided these gifts to find Medusa and also behead her, however it was likewise his strength, courage, and also intelligence that aided him succeed.

His courage, strength, and also intelligence was additionally the reason that Perseus conserved Andromeda native the Cetus and also returned house with her, slaying both Phineus and also Polydectes through the head of Medusa by transforming them into stone.

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The story of Perseus and also Medusa is a story the perseverance, bravery, and also dignity. Perseus personifies the length one would certainly go to in order to conserve the ones girlfriend love. Perseus shows the authenticity that his character as soon as he rescues the helpless Andromeda native the Cetus and also the attachment to the rock. The bravery and courage that Perseus are displayed as the beheads Medusa, as well as his defeat of Phineus and also Polydectes.