You"ve review the books, you"ve watched the movies and also you"re tho craving more? Head to the real Forks and also immerse you yourself in all things Twilight.

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Located in between the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, that no wonder the tiny town of Forks—population 3,500—has adopted its connection to Stephenie Meyers" hit vampire publication series. Once a quiet logging community, businesses have actually seen one unprecedented an increase in the neighborhood economy because the release of the Twilight saga, claims Forks chamber of commerce Director Marcia Bingham (as that December 2010, tourism to the area has actually increased 600 percent due to the fact that 2000). The city has end up being the vampirical holy Grail because that Twilighters wanting to capture a glimpse of wherein Bella Swan lives. Forks residents have actually responded by giving the fans what castle want. Indigenous merchandise: T-shirts say “Forks Bites!”, come signage: “No Vampires beyond this Point”, most everyone has offered in come the Twilight phenomenon.

And happy us–we Seattleites have the right to make the trip to Forks in roughly three and also a fifty percent hours. (Click here for a map) whether you"re a diehard fan or new to the vampire scene, we"ve etched out the authoritative perform of places to go and things to see in Forks. (Caution: Spoilers ahead)

Forks Welcome SignLocated on Highway 101, North and South clues of town  This is the piece of proof you"ll need to prove you"ve to walk in Bella"s beat increase pair the Converses. The sign is close come the road, for this reason be mindful when you pull end on your means in to or out of town to snap a pic.

Bella’s TruckForks Visiting Center, 1411 southern Forks Ave.

As every Twihard knows, Bella’s red 1950’s Chevrolet pickup truck is a personality in its very own right throughout the Twilight series. While she appreciation because that the city of Forks is slower to grow, she falls in love v Charlie"s welcome gift instantly. Available for photo ops 24/7; for much more information contact 360.374.2531 or visit the Forks room of business website.   

Swan House775 K St. While over there is no genuine Swan house in Forks (news flash: they"re fictional), a genuine Forks couple volunteered their residence to it is in the “official” house of Bella and also Charlie. Note: You deserve to drive by and take photos by the sign out front, yet it"s a exclusive residence so don"t effort to walk in. (Again, she doesn"t really live there.)


Forks High School191 S. Spartans Ave. as you most likely know, Forks High college is house to plenty of scenes in the books and also film adaptations. Castle based the authorize in the movie turn off of the actual one, for this reason it makes a an excellent background because that a photograph op. Show your Spartan heart (or don"t--we recognize Bella never did).

Forks Hospital530 Bogachiel Way, Forks, WA 98331 Dr. Cullen will most most likely be out for the day, but the Forks Hospital provides for one more fun stop on the tour. Just try not come be together klutzy together Bella and also end increase in the emergency room--there"s still a lot much more to see.


Bella Italia118 E 1st St, port AngelesIf you desire to cover every Twilight ground, visiting port Angeles is a must. After ~ all, it"s wherein Edward and also Bella had their very first date. Walk to Bella Italia and order the Mushroom Ravioli favor she did. Simply make certain not to get recorded alone after ~ dark--unless you have a spare Edward approximately to save you.

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located halfway in between Seattle and also Forks; open up 7 days/wk at 4 p.m; 360.457.5442

La Push90 key St., La PushLa push is claimed to be one of the most well-known locations ~ above the Twilight tour. Home to the Quileute Indian Tribe, it"s wherein Jacob speak Bella around the Cullens and also the Quileute legends. It"s additionally where Bella go cliff diving and almost drowns. Walk there to sit wherein they go on piles the driftwood and take in the breathtaking scenes.

The Hoh RainforestThe Hoh Rain forest is accessed through the top Hoh Road, turn off of Highway 101 If girlfriend really want to put yourself in Bella and Edward"s shoes, taking a hike in the Hoh Rainforest will perform it. There room two trails near the Visitor facility that are basic to stroll through, and also the renowned Hall of Mosses trace is simply 3/4 the a mile. You won"t it is in running v it in ~ the rate of a vampire, but the lush canopies of green will assist to produce a job of enchantment. (The Hoh is top top the west next of Olympic nationwide Park, around a two-hour journey from harbor Angeles and also under an hour from Forks.)

Dazzled by Twilight11 phibìc Forks Ave. Every pan will desire to avoid at the "Dazzled through Twilight" store located on Forks Ave. This will be the shopping portion of your tour (we’re guessing the only shopping chance you’ll discover while there). No only can you stock up ~ above Twilight merchandise, however the "Dazzled" store doubles together a tourism company. Their tour lasts 2 to three hrs (depending on size and participation), and the tourism guides have lots that insider information and also offer plenty of stops and photo opportunities. There’s likewise a “Dazzled” store in port Angeles (135 E. First St.) that walking distance from various other Twilight web page such together the Lincoln Theater and Bella Italia Restaurant. (Why the at sight cheesy name? together twihards know, Bella told Edward the the method he looked at she was "dazzling". Examine out this Vanity Fair file of Robert Pattinson together he delves deeper into the "dazzling" phenomenon.)

Insider tip #1: Before you leave Forks, make certain to protect against at the room of Commerce and sign in. States Director Marcia Bingham that the Twilight fans who protect against by: "One that the nicest things about them--they don"t complain about the rain." Insider guideline #2: The Forks chamber of commerce website has developed a Twilight travel net page which features a Twilight map and slideshows--the perfect companion to every one of the info above ... Download the here and also take turn off on her Twilight adventure. (Photos through Mike Gurling, Vistor center Manager, Forks chamber of Commerce)