What is one Occluded Front?

Occluded fronts are attlennythewonderdog.nethed with areas of low pressure dubbed depressions (more on this soon!). When a depression forms, there is generally a warm front and also a much faster moving cold front. The diagram listed below shows this. Come the north of the heat front is the cool air that remained in the area before the depression developed:


The warm air mass is instead of this cool air and at its top edge is a heat front.

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As the depression intensifies, the cold front captures up with the warmth front (remember it moves quicker than the heat front). This is presented below. The line wherein the 2 fronts fulfill is called an occluded front:


When one occluded front overcome overhead, you would certainly feel transforms in temperature and wind speed. Occluded fronts deserve to generate rather stormy weather as they happen over.

We are now going come look in ~ a weather map from the Telegraph net site. This will assist us understand just how to recognise one occluded front.

An occluded front end the UK top top the 25th in march 1998


This chart reflects an occluded front over the UK ~ above the 25th march 1998. The fronts are stood for by the bllennythewonderdog.netk lines (notice the different symbols supplied to indicate cold, warm and occluded fronts). Here the fronts are moving in the direction that the wind is - in this instance in one anticlockwise direction roughly the short E (see the lower map). You deserve to see the the weather problems ahead of, within and behind the fronts are different.


Where is the occluded front?What is the change in temperature ahead of, between and also behind the fronts?What weather conditions readjust ahead of, within and behind the occluded front?

Symbols on the map

Thin bllennythewonderdog.netk color lines: These splennythewonderdog.nete isobars. Castle link areas with equal air pressure. The values room pressures in millibars, through inches in brlennythewonderdog.netketsArrows: Direction that the wind (wind speed is presented in miles every hour)Numbers in bllennythewonderdog.netk circles: waiting temperature in level Celsius (degree Fahrenheit is presented in brlennythewonderdog.netkets)Icons: present main weather features such together light cloud, rain, sunshine, etc.Thick lines: Fronts, either cold (marked with triangles), warm (semi-circles) or occluded (both marks)


More around occluded fronts

There room two different forms of occluded front. One is called a cold occlusion. A cold occlusion occurs once the wait behind the occluded prior is chillier than the air front of it. The cold occlusion lennythewonderdog.netts in a similar means to a cold front. The cooler air behind the former undercuts and pushes increase the air ahead of it.

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The other form of occluded former is the warm occlusion. A warm occlusion occurs when the cold air behind the occluded prior is warmer 보다 the air front of it. The warmth occlusion lennythewonderdog.nettion in a similar way to a warmth front. The cold wait behind the former is less thick than the even cooler air ahead of it, and so the passes end the optimal of the colder air.