In the wild this lizards room omnivores and also eat a mixture of insects, vegetables and fruits.

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A pets Beardie should be fed a range of foods come make sure they room heathy.

In addition to feeding a range of foods items juveniles and babies should be fed different diets – that is important to readjust a bearded Dragon’s diet as they grow.

Their diet deserve to seem complicated, however even very first time reptile owners can quickly master their nutrition.

This article will explain everything you should know about feeding moustache dragons. We even have a all set to go feeding chart for you come follow, so keep reading…

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Bearded Dragon DietBearded Dragon FoodCommon Feeding Mistakes

What execute Bearded dragon Eat?


There are three usual feeding mistakes that deserve to be made as soon as feeding a bearded dragon. This mistakes have the right to lead to a variety of health issues and also obesity.

Mistake One: OverfeedingObesity in adult bearded dragon is very common.

Like most reptiles they have a really healthily appetite and also are prone to weight problems if fed to countless insects.

An adult have to receive no an ext than twenty insects a day!

It is straightforward to accidentally overfeed as they will eat as countless insects as you feed.

Obesity is a significant health concern as it can predispose her bearded dragon come heart disease and share issues.

Mistake Two: Feeding Juveniles MealwormsFeeding juveniles mealworms can stunt their growth and prevent them indigenous receiving the nutrients they need.

Mealworms have actually an external shell made up of chitin the juveniles cannot effectively digest. You must avoid feeding bearded dragons mealworms, and opt for superworms once they with 18 months of age.

Mistake Three: no Gut LoadingWhen feeding her bearded dragon live insects it is important to gut pack them at least a day before feeding.

Gut loading involves feeding the insects fruits and also vegetables the are dense in nutrients prior to feeding the insects to your bearded dragon. This procedure greatly boosts the quantity of nutrients that your bearded dragon receives.

What Can’t Bearded dragons Eat?

There are a handful of foods items that should constantly be avoided when feeding a mustache dragon. The foods in the list below can reason a selection of health abnormalities and toxicities:

AvocadoBeefBreadChickenEggplantFirefliesFishGarlic/OnionIceberg lettuce/CelerySpiders/ticks

Bearded Dragons carry out not eat meat in the wild, therefore it need to not it is in fed in captivity. Meats and fish are too high in fat and also phosphorous.

Avocado, garlic, onion, and also eggplant have to all it is in avoided together they deserve to be toxic even in little amounts.

Non-nutrient thick foods v a high water content should additionally not it is in fed. These encompass iceberg lettuce and also celery.

Finally, fireflies, spiders, and also ticks can be toxic to bearded dragons. Even fifty percent a firefly have the right to kill an adult mustache dragon because of the cardiotoxins.


Bearded dragons are among the most typical pet reptiles.

A juvenile requirements a diet of mostly insects and some tree material. They should be fed 3 times a day. When a bearded dragon get 18 months of period they should change to an adult diet.

An adult calls for food consisting greatly of irpari greens and vegetables and some insects and also should it is in fed once a day.

Varying the foods items you feed, providing occasional fruits and also gut loading insects prior to feeding will assist to make sure your mustache dragon gets the nutrient it needs.

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Ensuring you feed a healthy and balanced diet is basic to a good husbandry program that will save your pets happy and also healthy.