Although it might seem favor a simple question, many civilization wonder if they have to wear underwear under your one-piece swimsuit or swim trunks. Together a vain swimmer, swimming coach, and avid beachgoer, ns can help you figure out if you require underwear as soon as you swim.

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So, have to you stay underwear under swimwear? In general, you should never need to wear any type of underwear under your swimsuit. If it is a one piece, girlfriend don’t should wear a bra or panties. If that is swim trunks, swimming shorts or swim briefs, you commonly shouldn’t stay underwear under those either.

Many human being may want to understand why you do not do it wear any kind of underwear under swimsuits. No it too revealing and uncomfortable without additional cover? In reality, friend are more covered up than you think girlfriend are. Below are more details about how the swimsuits are built to act as both under and outerwear.

Swimsuits vs Underwear: use in Water and Transparency

Swimsuits are made with certain species of product that are perfect for water use and can likewise withstand harsh pool chemicals prefer chlorine. Additionally, castle absorb much less water and also dry out faster.

Most non-pool water appropriate undergarments are made from less resilient materials such as cotton, and also can be easily destroyed by pool water. Continual underwear will additionally absorb a far-ranging amount that water, which rises drag and also makes swimming an ext difficult. Extra water retention will likewise increase dry time that the garment. 

Swimsuits space specifically made to eliminate the need for wearing underwear. Women’s swimsuits usually have special lining and extr padding in the bust and also crotch areas. Both are added to make the swimsuit an ext comfortable and also to prevent visibility the one’s exclusive areas.

Here is just how to check for lining: take her swimsuit and turn it within out. Look because that a second layer of material under the key layer (it is usually white, but can be any color). Try separating the second layer that the material with your fingers – the lining should quickly separate.

Along with lining, entertain swimwear tops have the right to have one underwire for additional support in-place the a bra. Details advanced swimsuits for competitive athletes execute not include any padding in the bust area, however are made out of more thickness material, because of this preventing any type of accidental transparency.

Pro Tip: If you desire to prevent your swimsuit being see-through, stay away indigenous those there is no lining and also suits that space pink/yellow. If you have actually an opportunity to shot the suit on, be sure to use water to areas you’re many concerned around being see-through

From a masculine perspective, many men’s swim trunks and shorts have added lining and/or padding in the crotch area, which acts together a substitute because that underwear. Usually, the lining is a mesh product with small holes. However, with modern technology advancements, an ext and an ext companies room making swimming shorts and swim trunks without any kind of lining. 


There is never ever a have to wear underwear in ~ speedos (swim briefs); however, you can still it is in at threat of speedos gift see-through.

Pro Tip: If you room at the store, stretch the suit product that doesn’t have actually lining and check if you can see anything with it. It is really rare the men’s swimsuits space see-through, yet anything have the right to happen, and also no one wants to witness a wardrobe malfunction. Additionally, can constantly google swimsuit evaluate to it is in safe

Is there any kind of time I should wear underwear beneath my swimsuit?

In rarely circumstances, yes. For example, if your swimsuit doesn’t have sufficient support, you can try wearing a bra underneath. If her swim shorts don’t have any type of lining, in many circumstances, that would probably be better to wear boxers or briefs fairly than going commando. Females can wear panties through board shorts for extr comfort.

Some people may be just afraid that their swim bottom will autumn down. Some just want extra assistance or compression – all valid factors to wear underwear. However, many of this and comparable problems have the right to be removed by simply choosing a much better swimsuit.

Can I simply wear underwear as a swimsuit? What around a t-shirt?

Short answer – that depends. In general, that is not advised. Most swimming pools have actually some type of policy about swimwear usage. A majority of them need you to wear an agree swimsuit and also prohibit put on underwear or street clothing.

Those policies are mostly implemented for safety and security reasons. Clothing worn outside can deliver waterborne disease and make other swimmers sick.

Clothing can likewise transfer dirt and also dust particles into the pool, which deserve to throw off the water chemistry balance. Chemistry in the swimming pool act as a disinfectant and assist fight germs and also prevent the spread out of disease. Therefore, it is vital to store dirt from garments away from the pool.


The rule are likewise needed to carry out some consistency that coverage among swimmers, as well as avoid inadvertently nudity and unhappy customers. Due to the fact that underwear normally doesn’t have actually a string come tighten it, the underwear is an ext likely to slide off her body if swimming. Underwear can likewise become see-through after obtaining wet.

At beaches, top top the various other hand, you have the right to wear whatever you want, make it acceptable to undertake bras, boxers, briefs, or anything else you deserve to think of. I have been to part beaches that have regulations around swimwear, yet those are an extremely rare.

Pro Tip: If friend forgot her swimsuit, you can wear a tight-fitting sporting activities bra and also nylon panties. I have also heard of males wearing chop women’s nylon underwear to pass together a speedo (this deserve to be really embarrassing for part men, though). Simply remember – underwear can become see-through after getting wet

Can i Wear a Swimsuit as An Undergarment?

Although a swimsuit can role as underwear, the is no recommended to use it in the way. Swimsuits deserve to irritate skin and also become uncomfortable end a long duration of usage. Underwear is made especially for lengthy wear and is built from breathable, moisture-absorbent products that are pleasant to the touch and also comfortable to wear. In addition, underwear is cheaper and will survive longer than a swimsuit worn as underwear.

To summarize, here are the factors why you do not do it wear underwear under her swimsuit:

Underwear product is no made to be worn in the swimming pool or any type of kind that waterIt will certainly be destroyed by the chemistry in the swimming poolIt will absorb water, making it harder to swimIt will practically always be clearly shows from under the swimsuit, which have the right to look unpleasant and unattractiveIt have the right to be an extremely uncomfortableUnderwear and street apparel can transport dirt and water-borne an illness to the pool, harming other swimmers

Related Questions

Do professional swimmers wear any underwear beneath their swimsuits? vain swimmers never ever wear underwear under your swimsuits. Not only is the inconvenient, but it can additionally slow the swimmer down, and every hundredth the a 2nd counts.

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Are there swimsuits that can provide more coverage?You can purchase specific varieties of swimsuits that are more modest than continuous swimsuits. Over there is a selection of swimwear that providest-shirt, long-sleeve or also leg coverage. Over there are additionally Burqini and also Alsharifa-style swimsuits for world with spiritual requirements, that cover whole bodies.

Do girlfriend wear underwear underneath your swimsuit? have actually you ever? let us know in the comment below!