To find : What entirety number equals 25 once it is squared and 125 when it is cubed.

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Solution : we have given 25 and 125 .

Let the whole number is x .

According to concern :

Condition 1 :

Squared the number x

x ² = 25 .

On acquisition square root both political parties .

x =


x =


x = 5.

Condition 2:

Cubed the number

x ³ = 125 .

On taking cube source both political parties .

x^3 = sqrt<3>125" />.

x =

5*5*5" />.

x =

5^3 " />.

x = 5 .

Therefore, totality number is 5.


Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

Divide numbers from left to best to discover the answer.

, or multiply numbers from left come right.



Therefore, the exactly answer is 8.

Hope this helps!

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