301 possibly as early on as now, or maybe right into the adhering to century, Samoans have actually traveled across 2000 mile (3200 km) of ocean to the Marquesas Islands, and in your boats, navigating by the sun and stars, Polynesians migrate from there to the Hawaiian Islands. At some unknown day in the coming centuries they will arrive at uninhabited Easter Island, around 3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles) south east of the Marquesas Islands.

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305 To better rule the roman Empire, Diocletian has developed four vice-emperors – military males who room to govern separate sections that the empire. Diocletian has attempted to restore Rome's destroyed economy by fixing prices. Everyone has been notified to stay at his present occupation and location – including to what will someday be a component of feudalism. Diocletian has attempted another purge that Christians, however their numbers space too vast, and also the persecutions drag on. Since of ill-health, the abdicates, leaving his vice-emperors in charge.

311 In China, Empress Jia has slaughteredmany. Polite war has actually weakened the country, and, spotting the weakness, a tribalarmy arrives at the capital, Luoyang. The tribal military slaughters thousands.It is the beginning of dominance by Xiongnu chieftains in northern China.

312 The armies of two sons of formervice-emperors fight each other. The military of Constantine wins, and Constantinebecomes emperor the the western half of the roman Empire. Constantine's motheris a Christian.

313 The Edict that Milan, agreed come byConstantine and also the emperor that the eastern half of the empire, Licinius, makesChristianity a legal faith.

317 Chinese flee native the Xiongnuin north China. The Jin emperor, Yuan, sets up rule in southerly Chinaat the city the Jiankang (Nanjing).

320 Economically, local locations in Indiahave been functioning at world class levels, but India has actually been fragmentised politically.The ruler of Magadha, Chandra Gupta, extend hispower in the Ganges Valley.

321 Constantine makes the day ofthe sun god sol Invictus (Sunday) a holy day and a job of rest for Christians.

322 By around now saddles and stirrups room in use at the very least for a couple of in China. A representation of a rider with these exist in a Jin dynasty tomb.

324 Constantine defeat the easternemperor and becomes emperor of every the empire. The prefers the much more Christianizedeastern half of the empire and also founds a new capital in the east called new Rome,eventually to be known as Constantinople (in the 1900s to be changed to Istanbul).

325 Christianity is receivingstate support, new churches, much more wealth and more elaborate rituals. Christianity'sbishops defer to the government of Constantine, who wants to heal divisions withinthe Church. Constantine presides end the Church's very first ecumenical (general)council, in ~ Nicea, to decision the nature that Jesus Christ. Bishop Arius and ArianChristianity lose. The doctrine of the Trinity is accepted.

333 Constantine widens thegap between Christianity and Judaism, decreeing that Christians of Jewish heritagewill either break every ties v Judaism or it is in executed.

337 follow to Bishop Eusebius, withConstantine at his death-bed, Constantine choose baptism. Bishop Eusebius isthe Church's leading theoretician, a scholar of history and theology. The haswritten the the Roman empire as having emerged to prepare the means for the arrivalof Jesus Christ and to unify the civilization under the authority of God. The associatesRome with God's eternal order and also peace.

351 A German called Ulfilas, that wasconverted come Christianity in Constantinople, has turned forty. He has translatedthe Bible and is act missionary work amongst his fellow Goths outside the empire.As a result, Goths entering the empire are mostly Christian.

357 Chandra Gupta's son, Samudra Guptais halfway v his forty-five year of rule. That is extending the Gupta empire.

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363 Constantine's grandsonbecomes emperor. Disillusioned by bloodshed in ~ the household of Constantine,and a secret admirer of Hellenistic culture, that is to be recognized as Julian theApostate. Lacking the hostility feel by Christians towards Jews, he rescindsa legislation that forbids marriage between Christians and also Jews. The rescinds the lawthat bans Jews native entering Jerusalem, and also he abolishes privileges the havebeen bestowed top top the Christian clergy.

367 Emperor Julian is eliminated whilefighting an army of the Sassanid Empire. Believer rejoice at news the his deathand to express their id that Julian's fatality was the work of God. The Sassanidking, Shapur II, is dedicated to Zoroastrianism and has been attempting to exterminatehis empire's Christians.

372 A monk introduce MahayanaBuddhism to the Kingdom that Goguryeo (Koguryo) in north Korea, and the king that Goguryeo welcomes Buddhismand patronizes it.

378 christians are back in power. Germanshave been invading the roman Empire. The Christian emperor the the eastern halfof the empire, Valens, is defeated by Christianized Germans referred to as Goths, atAdrianople.

380 The co-emperors Gratian and Theodosiuspublish their edict that the theory of the Trinity is to be the officialstate religion.

384 Buddhism diffusion to the imperial familyof Paekche (Baekche) (southern Korea) and also to Silla (central Korea). This two korean statesmake Buddhism their state religion.

388 The Sassanid king, Shapur III,has ruled for 5 years and also has lifted the persecutions that Christians, believingthey are of more value to him working and paying taxes. Zoroastrian priestsare upset.

390 The three oriental states, Koguryo,Paekche (Baekche) and Silla have adopted Buddhism together their state religion. Buddhism prayersare readily available for the well-being of your kingdom, because that recovery from illness andfor the conception of children. Aristocrats leave the animist shamans to thosethey taken into consideration unsophisticated. Soldiers fight battles not just for their kingbut for the means of the Buddha.

391 Emperor Theodosius the very first sanctions the destruction of the great pagan temple of Serapeum in ~ Alexandria, Egypt, specialized to Alexandria"s protector deity, Serapis.

393 Theodosius bans pagan worship. He proclaims Christianity the religious beliefs of his roman Empire. That abolishes the Olympics. This is the last year of the Olympic games until the middle of the 19th century.

395 Christian emperors have been persecutingpagans, Jews and also Arian Christians. Christian mobs have actually been attacking what aredescribed as works of the devil. Pagan temples have actually been plunder of their treasures.Libraries have been destroyed, causing the loss of many writings. EmperorTheodosius, who has described heretics together insane, dies. Augustine is named bishopof Hippo (in north Africa).

400 ~ above the plains of what somedaywill be referred to as the joined States, the bow and arrow is replacing the spear,the bow and arrow offering hunters and warriors a greater striking distance. Bantuspeaking human being have been migrating through the region of various other peoples and they have reached the southern guideline of the african continent.