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Feline cryptorchidism, additionally called undescended testicle or kept testicle, is a problem where one or both of the testicles stay in the belly, instead of gift in the scrotum or sac. Although this genetic disorder might seem unimportant, that is actually a huge deal.When a kitten is born, the testicles live in the belly, close to the kidneys. As the kitten ages, the testicles gradually migrate come their normal location, which is the scrotum. They should arrive there by 2 month of age, and not 6 months, as countless believe. Making sure the testicles space where they belong have to be part of your kitten’s first veterinary visit. It’s one more reason why this an initial visit is for this reason important.If one testicle is undescended, the problem is referred to as “unilateral cryptorchidism.” when both testicles room affected, the cat has “bilateral cryptorchidism.”Where execute the testicles go?Another way to define cryptorchidism is through location. There space 2 main locations for the undescended testicle(s) to finish up:

In the ship (abdominal cryptorchidism)Where the abdomen meets the ago leg (called the inguinal an ar )

Depending ~ above the location, your vet may have the ability to locate the undescended testicle throughout a physical exam.Diagnosing cryptorchidism in catsSometimes, it can be tricky to diagnose a newly embraced kitty through cryptorchidism. How have the right to you call if there space no testicles in the scrotum since they acquired lazy and also stayed in the belly, or if the cat has actually been neutered? intact or non-neutered cats have a strange function that discover the answer: when they reach sex-related maturity, at around 9 months, their penis becomes covered with spikes, referred to as barbs. As soon as a cat is neutered, the barbs disappear. So over there is typically no should test the level of testosterone in cats. The diagnosis the bilateral cryptorchidism deserve to be based on the visibility of barbs on the penis after 9 month of age.What problems are brought about by cryptorchidism in cats?Leaving a cryptorchid cat undamaged (i.e. No neutered) can cause two serious health problems:

The 2nd risk is “testicular torsion,” which is much less common. A testicle kept in the belly is free-floating, rather of gift in a fixed position in the scrotum, and it could twist top top itself. This is a very painful condition, which can be tricky to diagnose.

Treating cryptorchidism in catsRegardless of her cat’s age, once the disorder is diagnosed and also whether it is unilateral or bilateral, the is constantly recommended that you have actually it corrected. The only treatment is to have actually your cat neutered (i.e. Have both testicles removed).Neutering a cryptorchid cat is a bit much more involved 보다 a continual neuter, since your vet will require to discover the absent testicle(s), within the belly or in the inguinal area.Preventing cryptorchidism in catsSince cryptorchidism is a genetic disease, the is no recommended to breed cats with the unilateral condition (i.e. One testicle only), together they will pass it along. However, most cats with bilateral cryptorchidism room sterile.

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The factor for this might be that the temperature inside the human body is as well high and sperm room unable to form normally. Inquiries to ask girlfriend veterinarian if your cat is cryptorchid:

Is that unilateral or bilateral?Is it abdominal or inguinal?What is the ideal course of activity to neuter my cat?

If you have any questions or concerns, friend should always visit or call your vet -- they space your best source to ensure the health and well-being of her pets.