Mint is sometimes dubbed the herb of hospitality, a name that have the right to be traced earlier to Greek mythology. The story go that two strangers, a man and a woman, walked v a village. The villagers ignored the strangers and also refused to carry out them v food or drink. Finally, an older couple, Philemon and also Baucis, invited the strangers right into their home. The couple brushed mint pipeline over their table to clean and also freshen it prior to serving a meal to the travel-weary duo. Suddenly, the strangers revealed their true identity: they were the Greek Gods, Zeus and also Hermes. To display their appreciation to Philemon and also Baucis, the gods turned the couple’s humble house into a temple.

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Today, mint most regularly finds its location as a way of hospitality in a refreshing mint julep or glass the cold lemonade offered to a guest ~ above a hot summer day. However mint is same at home in salads or sauces. Fresh leaves have actually the brightest color and flavor, but dried leaves deserve to be supplied in a pinch.

Where to find Fresh Mint Leaves

Wondering where to find mint leaves? First, think about growing part in her garden. Mint is amongst the easiest of herbs come grow because unlike Mediterranean herbs, that tolerates light shade and also cold winter temperatures. In fact, mint is so basic to flourish that it can quickly come to be too lot of a good thing. Mint spreads by runners and will conveniently take over your garden if given free rein. Tree it in a pot sunken in the soil or among other vigorous tree that deserve to hold your own. Trim mint back frequently to store it in check and also divide it every 3 to 4 years.

Hardy between USDA zones 5 and also 9, mint grow in all however the coldest components of the unified States. If girlfriend live north of ar 5, merely pot it up in the fall and keep it on a kitchen windowsill. It it s okay a bit leggy when grown indoors, however doesn’t call for as lot sun as many herbs. Cut it ago to store it compact. Mint prefers rich, moist soil with a pH in between 6.0 and also 6.8.

Mint periodically grows wild in woodland locations or close to old abandoned farmsteads. It is in careful, though, because stinging nettle contempt resembles mint. Crush a few leaves through your foot. You’ll acknowledge true mint through its sweet, fresh fragrance. Near relatives, catnip and catmint, have an organic scent however don’t smell quite the same.

Finally, many grocery shop now bring fresh mint in the develop section. These tiny packages typically cost in between $2 and also $4 — a hefty price to pay, considering you deserve to buy whole plant for her garden for the very same price. However, in the middle of winter v no nursery plants in sight, you may need to resort to this option if you desire fresh mint. Eliminate the mint indigenous its package and also wrap it in a slightly moist document towel. Ar the mint in a zipped plastic bag and also store it in the refrigerator. Usage the mint in ~ 3 days.

Where to find Dried Mint Leaves

Like many dried herbs, dried mint leaves absence the vibrant color and also fragrance of new mint, and are ideal used in salads, cooking dishes, or hot tea.

The most economical resource of dried mint leaves is your own garden. If you have actually a huge mint patch, you’ll most likely have more than you can use fresh. Harvest the mint leaves as soon as they’re tho young and also small. Enlarge mint leaves turn bitter and woody. Cut a couple of sprigs 6 come 8 customs in length. Bundle the sprigs together and wrap the ends v a little bit of twine. Ar the sprigs in a brown file bag to keep insects out and also hang the bags in a warm, dried location, such as a melted or attic. Dry the mint because that up to 2 weeks, or till the pipeline are totally dry. Eliminate the pipeline from the stems and also store lock in an air-tight container, such together a plastic bag or bottle. Use dried mint in ~ one year for best flavor.

If you lack an herb garden, look for dried mint in the spice ar of her supermarket. Save them strict sealed in a dark location.

Fresh Mint pipeline in Winter

Craving new mint lemonade in the winter? One clever means to maintain fresh mint flavor is by freezing fresh mint leaves. Because that year-round flavor, cut fresh mint leaves during the summer. To fill ice cube trays with mint leaves, put 1 tablespoon in each compartment. Include water and also freeze. Store the mint ice cream cubes in sealed freezer bags. To flavor lemonade or tea, simply include 1 ice cube to each glass.

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