From the TV present “Hee-Haw” (1969 -1992)Archie Campbell & Buck OwensThe Reichner brothers AKA “The Geezenslaw Brothers:” Sammy Allred, & Dewayne Smith

Chorus:Where, where, space you tonight?Why go you leaving me here all alone?I searched the world over, and thought I found true love.You met another and also Pfft! you to be gone.

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Remember the night us were goin’ come the Church danceand you came and also asked me if your lipstick was smearedand you gained so mad due to the fact that I told the truth, dear,I can’t see your lips through your mustache and beard

You said we might save on our fire insurancewith firecrackers placed around our bedroomand if the noise need to burst right into the flame, dear,we’d be awakened through the according to boom

You had actually funny ways, there’s no doubt around itYou allow your two feet hang the end of the bedAnd when I asked girlfriend the factor you did it“I don’t desire cold feet in my bed” you said.

You never can see the brand-new styles they’re wearin’like women-folk walking around in men’s pantsand girlfriend couldn’t check out grown males wearin’ rompersinstead of uncles they looked much more like aunts

Remember the night that ns couldn’t discover youfor girlfriend disappeared right after the ballin instance you forgot, I’d favor to repeat youI discovered you in ~ Tootsie’s through old Tom T. Hall

When ns told girlfriend I had actually thoughts of retirin’when I reached the age of three score and tenyou claimed I’d get exhausted of rockin’ and thinkin’maybe in ~ 80 I’d start work again

Remember the night we stopped at the journey inYou twisted my arm and gave me the shakesthe waitress i kissed was not really flirtin’I was just playin’ for much bigger stakes

They asked me to sing v a renowned artistLucky castle left the choice up come meI walk the pickin’ and now I’m a grinnin’cause i didn’t pick Donnie, ns picked Marie

I stated to mine love, you’re teeth, they need fillin’She hauled off and said you ain’t got good senseyou ain’t got buck teeth but when you’re a smilin’your teeth look more like a picket fence

Now i did my best to pleasure and please youI available you as well a trip to the moonI wanted a possibility to kiss you and also squeeze youBut you had your eye top top a guy named play Boone

You want a big and not a tiny familywe started our kids and had them actual fastbut after we worn the end ten infant buggiesyou claimed let’s acquire one following time that will certainly last.

One work she inquiry me how I chosen her figureshe stated I simply weighed one hundred and threeThen she up and also said “one thing I can’t figure,”“one pound of candy makes 5 pounds of me”

I felt choose a fool, with are afraid I to be shakin’before ns realized the spot ns was inthe problem I had was every my very own makin’when you recorded me kissin’ Loretta Lynn

We once had a dog that ate in the kitchenBlacksmith to be his name, no one can eat more‘guess you wondered why we referred to as the dog Blacksmithhe invested life makin’ a bolt for the door

The good neighbor said your love was a gamblebut her kiss drive me ideal out of my headbut then I discovered out the you chosen to rambleoh what a pity, now our love is dead

Down right here on the farm yard the weather gets messyLaying around with nothin’ to doWhen girlfriend went away, you took my cow BessieI miss her darling, more than I miss out on you

You take it off her leg, your wig and also your eye glassAnd friend shoud’ve checked out the look on mine faceI wanted to kiss, I want to hug youBut you to be scattered everywhere the place

You took the end your false teeth, your wig and also your glasses.You were simply scattered anywhere the place.I wanted to kiss you and hug girlfriend so tightly.I guess: v that ns would have actually if I’d found your face.

I recognize that you loved me, here’s my method of knowing,The proofs hanging out appropriate there on the line.When I check out the snow and feel the wind blowing,Your nighties hugging them lengthy johns the mine.

The noises you made at our supper tableYour habits, my dear, to be surely absurdBut how many times carry out I need to tell youSoup is a food to it is in seen and also not heard

Remember you phoned me a-sobbin’ and cryin’The dog little your maw, and drug she aroundYou claimed she looked pale and also thought she to be dyingI said “Don’t worry, I’ll buy a brand-new hound.”

I had actually six kids and also you had elevenAnd we had actually a boy, and they grew like flowersI wish you’d come back, without you ain’t heaven‘Cause your kids and also my youngsters are beatin’ increase ours

I checked out your house at three in the morning.You had all them curlers and also junk in your hair.You would not have scared me and I’d not have run so,If you had not looked like you’d wrestled a bear.

I told you, mine darlin’, you looked like a gopher.Made you so mad, you haven’t speak since.But tell me my darling if you ain’t got no buck teeth.How do you eat apples through a picket fence?

When i picked you up for our date last weekend.You looked therefore pretty in her satin and also lace.But when I bending over and also started come kiss you,You popped a pimple everywhere my face!

The various other night ~ the hoe-down,We drove approximately our parking place,I wrapped mine arms roughly you wanting to hold you,You popped a zit, hit me square in the face.

The other night ~ the square dance,I to be felling particularly bold,With my eight ’round you ns pulled girlfriend closer,You increased your armpits and also I blacked the end cold.

Now we acquired along, my life was actual sunny,But only one thing would destroy our fun.I know you love me however you worship money,And you gained mad once I readily available you none.

Now time, it told me, the your love was icySaid you spent your time attending the sheepAnd her words were never so tender and also spicyInstead that lovin’ you went right to sleep

Married or not was the questionI didn’t want to do somethin’ rashI pondered and also pondered and thinkin’ the overAnd made up my mind when I saw Johnny’s Cash!

You choose to save on things for the householdIt’s something the I might not understandBut currently I understand why you never bought dishesYou only mean to eat out of her hand

One work she served me a couple of fried eggsThat was among her contemptible tricksI told her off, ns said once you fry eggsDon’t dirty mine plate v no less than six

Remember mine darling we visited the movies,You slid right over and also sat on mine lap,You squished me out level as a pancake,I had actually to suffer while you take it a nap.

I called you mine darling I’d buy friend a soda,Funniest point that I ever before saw;You stuck her nose appropriate down in the bottleYou couldn’t even wait it spins I got you a straw

I told you my darling I’d take it you a fishin’,‘was the nastiest point that I ever before saw;You experienced them worms crawlin’ roughly in th’ bucket,You took out your salt and devoured lock all

Your lips are as red together boysenberriesYour ear look prefer a large cabbage leafYour eyes an insect out prefer an old pop-eyed mulletYour hair’s favor haywire and hangs to your feet

I thought that mine love to be all that you wantedI assumed that my money supposed nothin’ come youI assumed that the hogs would stay in the hogpenThat’s what I assumed dear, however you took them too

Now, there was a girl, she wanted to marry,Her dear mom said the she was also young.Her dad stated “But, dearie, the dowry is cheery.”So, nobody concerned or messed with her fun.

Remember when you went the end huntin’ for ‘possumyou claimed you’d acquire one and wouldn’t it is in longThat’s ten years ago, an’ I’m sittin’ here waitin’Beginning come wonder if something went wrong

We let you use our brand-new cow milkerYou didn’t recognize the hose from the spoutYou left the on our old cow BessieBy the moment we got ago she to be turned inside out

You bought you yourself an electrical milker.You didn’t know the hose from the spout.You put it ~ above Bessie our cow and also you left her.After 4 hours she turned inside out.

I checked out the barn come milk our cow ElsieShe offered to me a an excellent bucket fullIt taste funny anywhere the corn flakesIt wasn’t Elsie; it was the bull

I miss out on you therefore much, the ‘taters need diggin’The corn in the field, it needs pickin’ nowHow well ns remember the an initial time i met youYou looked for this reason purty a-pullin’ that plow.

I assumed that my love was every you wantedI thought that my money expected nothing come youI thought that the hogs would remain in the hog-penThat’s what i thought, dear, yet you take it them all.

I went to the barn to kill a noble chicken.‘Twas our anniversary we celebrate.Why must some negative fat sick tiny chickenPay because that the small mistake that we made?

Remember the clothesline native the house to the shed, dearIt sags and your garments drag the ground all the timeYou claimed would girlfriend please move the burned over, darlin’So it will certainly tighten up my old clothesline.

I need to admit, ns hanker because that MabelShe was the best horse I ever before hadNow I have to sleep alone in the stable.That old bag claimed I oughta it is in glad.

My daddy swore that would never ever quit drinking,Mother got down on she knees and she begged,One night my daddy came home cold sober,The dog didn’t know him and he chewed turn off his leg.

Her hair was like straw, her eyes was favor marbles,her this were prefer rocks: all chisled away.Her face was prefer felt: every green and also fuzzy.Why, five why didn’t she stay.

When you to be young, girlfriend weren’t very prettyYou’d do a freight train take a dust road…Now that you’re older you ain’t much better,cause you’d scare the warts appropriate off that a toad!

I heard tell that you to be religious,A real holy roller from your head to her toes,But I discovered out you were simply foolin,When you stated grace before pickin your nose!

You constantly acted choose you to be so young, dearA livin’ the life that excitement and also spiceYou said the next-door neighbors it’s her 25th birthday25th, nothin’, you to be 25 twice.

I psychic in school just how you kept us every laughinno one was fairly sure that what you would certainly saythe teacher once told you to sit under in frontyou claimed you couldn’t friend don’t bend that way…

Pardon me dear if my words seem bitterThere’s no excuse for my damaged dreamsI did not understand I married a quitterMy life is fall apart in ~ the seams!

Last night in ~ the dance you certain did watch purtyyou shure go look purty when doin a jigbut come Monday morning if slopin the Hogs dearI could’nt tell you from one of the pigs.

We saw the barn to milk a new heiferYou came alomg, no want’n come nagYou went within to fetch me a milk stoolYou left me there a hold’n the bag

I had a mam Blanche she certain was a drinkerA pint one hour is what she would certainly takeand when it come time because that our wedding receptionher breath lit the candles on our wedding cake

At solder Bell time friend made the end the gift listFor Judy & Jill & Trudy & TexWhen Christmas rolling ’round, you sent out the gift listYou signed the cards, dear, yet I signed the checks.

I remember darlin the an initial time i met youYou looked at me v that huge posseum grinI asked you sweetheart please may I kiss youYou opened up your mouth; that’s when I dropped in.

You yelled in ~ me darling your voice was prefer gravelAnd you fear the mocking birds appropriate out that the treesI’m singing this song and I expect you will certainly hear itDarling five darling don’t come earlier to me

No one ever before said that you was a beautyYour number was choose a flat river boatI still recall fine the an initial time i kissed youThe hairs on her chin dear they tickled my throat

I married you since of her married me due to the fact that of my wealth.I drank and also you chose to leave me,decided to leave me because of mine health.

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You drank and also caroused favor there to be no tomorrow,Your morals was loosened as the tie ’round my neck;Last Saturday night as soon as we checked out the square danceThe caller cried “Hoedown” and you hit the deck!

You looked for this reason pretty the day we got married,A stop the hand the our little boy son,Your mama to be frowning however your daddy to be laughing,As that stood there a hold that huge old shotgun.

Coda:I searched the world over,And believed I discovered true love.You met one more andPhht! you were gone…