Recipe for an ice Cream Cake role that’s straightforward to make, has actually minimal cracks and also can it is in filled with any type of ice cream flavor you like.

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I love this ice cream cream cake combination, it provides me feeling a tiny nostalgic. It reminds me the Newlyweds ice Cream Cake Roll.

My dad and I supplied to re-publishing this as soon as I was a kid.It came in a green and pink box.

Sometimes that dad would eat the last piece right out of the box.

Pan Size

I have used an11.5″ X 17.4″ cookie sheetbut my preferred pan is my 10″ X 15″ jelly role pan.

You will require a large cookie sheet or an over-sized cooling rack because that inverting this cake uneven you are far an ext talented than I am and can flip out.

Rolling hot Cake

To keep the cake from difficult to itself when I rolling it ns sprinkled the cook cake with powdered street before transforming it out onto a huge flour bag towel.

Update: I usage cocoa flour now, but either one is fine. The cocoa powder produces a nicer perfect product.

After remove the wax paper, sprinkle the bottom the the cooking cake v powdered sugar or cocoa also this will assist keep the cake from sticking to the towel when it has actually cooled.

Then roll it up in the towel.

Just tuck one short end that the towel into the center section of the roll before you start.


Some of the cake is going to stick to the wax record or parchment paper, so peel back very slowly to avoid pulling out pieces of the cake.

The easiest way for me to rotate the cake out was to put a towel over the cake while it was in the pan, then extending the towel and also pan with my cooling rack.

Then I simply flipped the whole thing over and grabbed the warm pan through my tongs.

If the edges of the cake are crusty, reduced off the edges, and eat them. Mine cake did not have any this time.

Gently role the hot cake in the towel, starting with the short end.


Set the aside on a cooling rack till it is totally cooled. I typically wait for at least 3 hours.

Unroll the Cooled Cake

Once the cake is completely cooled unroll the cake, yet leave that on the towel.

You will usage the towel later to aid you v rolling it earlier up.

The end may continue to be a little curled and it is OK. Ns tell friend what to carry out with that part in a minute.


There are a few cracks in the uncurled piece. No worries, the is going come be best in the middle of the cake.

The cake will crack part after it has actually cooled and also you unroll it.

The ideal you can do is minimize the cracking.

Cover the cracks v some sort of topping and it will be delicious no matter what.

Filling the Cooled Cake

Take a “box” of ice cream cream the end of the freezer and open it completely so the looks prefer a square of ice cream cream.

Start slicing the ice cream cream in 1/4 come 1/2 customs slices through a huge knife. Girlfriend really want to be able to cut v it in one motion.

You can also allow the ice cream cream come soften slightly and also just spread out it on. I favor to slice and also place.


Once the Cake is full, stop slicing.You may have ice cream leftover, simply pop it earlier in the freezer and also eat it later.

I usually begin by pour it until it is full the tight curly at the end of the cake.

This part has never ever wanted come unroll for me, for this reason I simply go v the flow and stuff part ice cream in there.I cut one the the ice cream slices right into smaller pieces and also pack it in.

Once that is filled, start lining up the ice cream cream slices together with the cake.

Lay the piece as close with each other as possible. You deserve to start at one of two people end.

You deserve to leave an customs or so on the political parties empty, ice cream will fill that area together you roll it ago up.


Some of her pieces might be thicker 보다 the others, this is yes sir too.We are going come let this sit because that 10 to 15 minutes till it is slightly softened.

Do no walk away throughout this waiting period, if girlfriend forget you have sliced ice cream cream sit on the cake, that will begin to absorb and melt over the edges running onto the towel and the countertop.

If friend aren’t quick sufficient to remember girlfriend left the on the counter you may uncover yourself mopping the floor. I’ve done this.

Any huge gaps have the right to be fill with smaller pieces of staying ice cream slices. I commonly don’t concern too much about the gaps.

When the cake has actually been extended with ice cream cream and has softened, gently smooth the end the ice cream.

Once that is excellent it is time to begin rolling it increase jelly-roll style.

Rolling the filled Cake

Start rolling the cake up, beginning with the finish that didn’t want to place flat. Role it as tight as you can. This is as soon as the ice cream will work its way to edges.

Wrap the cake role in plastic wrap and also place in the freezer till the ice cream cream roll is solid.

It bring away at least 3 hrs for ice cream cream to end up being solid again.

If her freezer is complete or collection at a lower temperature, it may take overnight. This yes, really isn’t a dessert you deserve to make and also enjoy immediately.


Once frozen solid, remove from the freezer 5 come 10 minutes before you plan on serving, it provides it a bit less complicated to cut into neat slices.

The finish pieces will not be as neat as the center pieces.

I generally cut them turn off if I put them ago in the freezer if ns am offer this to company and desire neat ends. If we room eating in ~ home and also the presentation is no an issue, us eat the end first!

A big kitchen knife is the best means to cut this. If you find it complicated to reduced through, warmth your knife under hot water, dry off the knife and try slicing again.

You can reduce the thickness the the ice cream cream if you desire. It will make your cake log thinner.

Cocoa flour keeps your finished product from having actually that grey hue and will deal with the off-color and stickiness created on the finished cake.

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Hershey’s unique Dark deserve to be offered for a darker cake with a richer taste. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in enhancement to baking powder.