Rachel Renée Russell is the American writer of the new York times hit children"s comedy collection Dork Diaries and also The Misadventures the Max Crumbly.

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OccupationAuthor, attorney

About Rachel Renee Russell

Author of the popular Dork Diaries collection of children"s books. The series covers the challenges of Nikki Maxwell, a center school student, in a diary format.

Rachel Renee Russell prior to fame

When she to be in center school, she penned her very first novel and also gave it to her pair brothers together a birthday present. She go on to acquire a legislation degree and also work as an lawyer while authoring her best-known novel.

Achievement of Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries is based on her own childhood memories and the stays of her two kids, Erin and Nikki.

Rachel Renee Russell family life

She was the eldest of five children who prospered up ~ above the shores that Lake Michigan. She had actually two kids, Erin and Nikki, who both aided her v the writing and illustration of she Dork Diaries books. In April 2009, she divorce her an initial spouse.

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Associations the Rachel Renee Russell

The children"s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, written by Jeff Kinney, may have acted as incentive for Russell.






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