When discovering the video game of lennythewonderdog.net, over there is no place much more important to begin than v the pieces. In this article, we learn about all the the pieces—specifically, wherein they are put when a game begins, how they move, and also how they are valued.

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Let"s begin!

What room The lennythewonderdog.net Pieces?

What space The lennythewonderdog.net Pieces?

The lennythewonderdog.net pieces are what you move on a lennythewonderdog.netboard once playing a game of lennythewonderdog.net. Over there are six different types of lennythewonderdog.net pieces. Every side starts v 16 pieces: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, 2 rooks, one queen, and one king. Let"s satisfy them!

The Pawn

When a video game begins, every side starts with eight pawns. White"s pawns are located on the 2nd rank, when Black"s pawns are situated on the seventh rank.

The starting position with pawns highlighted.

The pawn is the least powerful piece and is worth one point. If it is a pawn"s very first move, it can move front one or two squares. If a pawn has currently moved, then it can move forward simply one square at a time. It assaults (or captures) each square diagonally come the left or right. In the adhering to diagram, the pawn has just moved from the e2-square come the e4-square and also attacks the squares d5 and also f5.

The pawn on e4 assaults the squares d5 and f5.

The Bishop

Each next starts through two bishops, one on a light square and one top top a dark square. When a game begins, White"s bishops are situated on c1 and f1, if Black"s bishops are situated on c8 and f8.

The beginning position through bishops highlighted.

The bishop is taken into consideration a minor piece (like a knight) and is worth 3 points. A bishop have the right to move diagonally as countless squares as it likes, as lengthy as that is no blocked through its very own pieces or an populated square. An easy method to remember exactly how a bishop can move is the it moves choose an "X" shape. It can record an opponent piece by moving to the populated square whereby the item is located.

The bishop moves in one "X" pattern.

The Knight

Each next starts v two knights—a king"s knight and also a queen"s knight. As soon as a video game starts, White"s knights are situated on b1 and also g1, if Black"s knights are located on b8 and g8.

Starting position with knights highlighted.

The items is considered a minor piece (like a bishop) and is worth three points. The article is the only piece in lennythewonderdog.net that have the right to jump over one more piece! It move one square left or best horizontally and then 2 squares up or under vertically,OR the moves two squares left or ideal horizontally and also then one square up or down vertically—in other words, the knight move in an "L-shape." The article can capture only what it lands on, no what the jumps over!

The knight move in an "L" shape.

The Rook

Each side starts v two rooks, one on the queenside and one top top the kingside. All 4 rooks are situated in the corners that the board. White"s rooks begin the game on a1 and h1, while Black"s rooks are located on a8 and h8.

The beginning position v rooks highlighted.

The rook is thought about a major piece (like the queen) and also is worth five points. It have the right to move as many squares together it likes left or right horizontally, or as numerous squares as it likes increase or under vertically (as long as it isn"t clogged by various other pieces). One easy means to remember just how a rook can move is the it moves choose a "+" sign.

The rook moves choose a "+" sign.

The Queen

The queen is the most powerful lennythewonderdog.net piece! when a game begins, every side starts through one queen. The white queen is situated on d1, if the black queen is situated on d8.

The beginning position with kings highlighted.

The queen is thought about a major piece (like a rook) and also is worth ripe points. It can move as numerous squares together it likes left or best horizontally, or as many squares as it likes increase or under vertically (like a rook). The queen can also move as plenty of squares as it likes diagonally (like a bishop). One easy way to remember exactly how a queen can move is the it moves favor a rook and also a bishop combined!

The queen moves favor a rook and also bishop combined.

The King

The king is the most important lennythewonderdog.net piece. Remember, the goal of a game of lennythewonderdog.net is come checkmate the king! when a game starts, every side has one king. White"s king is situated on e1, while Black"s king start on e8.

The beginning position through the kings highlighted.

The king is not a very an effective piece, as it have the right to only move (or capture) one square in any kind of direction. Please keep in mind that the king cannot be captured! as soon as a king is attacked, the is referred to as "check."

The king have the right to move to the highlighted squares.

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You now understand what the lennythewonderdog.net piece are, whereby to ar them to start a game, exactly how the lennythewonderdog.net pieces move, and how they are valued! reap your newfound expertise of the lennythewonderdog.net pieces and also put it right into practice by playing a video game in Live lennythewonderdog.net.