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Causes and cures because that cloudy swimming swimming pool water.Milky swimming pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black color cloudy water.
John80I"m new herePosts: 1Joined: Mon 17 Jun, 2019 06:39My Pool: 15x30 above ground.

swimming pool water cloudy with tiny fine white flakes/particles

Postby John80 » Mon 17 Jun, 2019 06:56

Need some help, I’ve never put noþeles in mine pool various other than chlorine to save it clean and also looking nice, shot cover ripped end winter so a ton that leaves and also stuff washed into the pool, when I traction cover off water to be green. Immediately cleaned the end as lot debris as possible, and also raised chlorine to 8-10 and held it because that 4-5 work water is no longer green yet still cloudy. What I have been law is alternate between filter/pump off for 8 hours, then vacuum ~ above waste, peak up filter 8 hours and repeat. After a main of this quiet no readjust to cloudy ( by this allude I have let the chlorine stabilize to a typical levels come make certain the clouding isn’t due to chemicals) so I saw pool store they offered me floc/water clarifier ns didn’t desire to purchase it i did currently my pool is cloudier than it was and also has millions of tiny white particles throughout water! I followed the procedures exactly. In ~ this point I am debating ~ above draining and refilling yet figured probably I have the right to seek experienced aid my existing levels space FC 3.6TC 3.9ALk 115PH 7.5TH 325I have actually tried come let the particles resolve by leave pump off but has proclaimed the same, they are suspended transparent water i am unsure if the filter is obtaining them or not, any type of ideas or help would be great. Have to I drain and refill?
DenniswisemanPool industry LeaderPosts: 2203Joined: Tue 06 Sep, 2011 05:48My Pool: 10k inground fibreglass, Telescopic Cover, Hayward Powerline pump, top quality filter through glass media, 27kw output warm pump, K-2006C test kitLocation: joined Kingdom

Re: swimming pool water cloudy with tiny good white flakes/particles

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 17 Jun, 2019 07:32

Hi John80 her numbers don"t point out CYA which is an integral component deciding what your shock level need to beYou additionally don"t mention backwashingWhat chemicals room you using and also what filter
engf183I"m brand-new herePosts: 1Joined: sun 11 Aug, 2019 18:12My Pool: Oval 38 by 18 vinyl liner. 4.6 ft deep Sand FilterNatural 2 chlorinator

Re: swimming pool water cloudy with tiny good white flakes/particles

Postby engf183 » Mon 12 Aug, 2019 07:08

I’m having the same problem. The Ph and also alkalinity to be high, so I have actually been including a quart the Maurice mountain a day yet levels were no dropping. . Water was acquiring cloudy. Take it water sample to swimming pool store and they showed I need to include calcium. That turned to water to milk. That a vinyl brand-new pool. Complimentary and complete chlorine is in ~ a 3. I have flushed the sand filter twice and also have been running the dolphin vacuum nobody stop. Revolve pumpOff, hoping it would settle. What deserve to I carry out to clear water up
TeapotPool sector LeaderPosts: 1337Joined: Tue 17 Oct, 2017 10:52My Pool: 12 x 24 (45m3) liner pool, Triton TR60 filter v AFM glass media (Activate) and variable rate pump to run 0.08HPLocation: UK

Re: swimming pool water cloudy through tiny good white flakes/particles

Postby Teapot » Mon 12 Aug, 2019 14:50

Oh dear, you have been pool stored and also now you room worse off than when you started.Pool store morons know nothing! they check out some out of day industry chart and also sell any type of old crap to shot and get the figures where the chart tells them and will always have one more bottle the crap to market you.You have a vinyl pool, You deserve to run on a really much lower calcium level 보다 a concrete/plaster/tiled pool deserve to without any kind of risks. Likewise Alkalinity, you have the right to run lot lower and also have a more stable pH than a concrete/plaster/tiled pool.Take no more notice the the pool store, get your own test kit (not dive strips) and also own your pool! be the Boss!Next step is as much as you but we have to see a complete set of water check results including CYA, the solitary most necessary chemical in her pool, CYA controls her pool!
miguel_teeblesI"m brand-new herePosts: 2Joined: Fri 22 May, 2020 00:35

Re: swimming pool water cloudy v tiny good white flakes/particles

Postby miguel_teebles » Fri 22 May, 2020 00:50

I have actually what shows up to it is in cloudy water comes from the return with scum developing on peak of the pool... At this time I have actually a Hayward ec65 filter.. Pipe sheets room not cracked, I changed diaphragm gasket, but still have actually cloudy water v scum developing. I"ve taken apart the tube sheets and removed the flex tubes. I"ve inspected the tube assembly and noticed 2 very little imperfections top top 2 different tubes... Are two tiny cloth pulls sufficient to make the cloudy water in my pool? many thanks for your help
DenniswisemanPool market LeaderPosts: 2203Joined: Tue 06 Sep, 2011 05:48My Pool: 10k inground fibreglass, Telescopic Cover, Hayward Powerline pump, quality filter with glass media, 27kw output warmth pump, K-2006C test kitLocation: unified Kingdom

Re: pool water cloudy with tiny well white flakes/particles

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 22 May, 2020 04:20

I would certainly think that any holes would permit DE ago into the pool
miguel_teeblesI"m new herePosts: 2Joined: Fri 22 May, 2020 00:35

Re: pool water cloudy v tiny fine white flakes/particles

Postby miguel_teebles » satellite 23 May, 2020 08:47

Thanks Dennis.. I uncovered a pool store surrounding that marketed me part replacement tubes because that $2 each.. I additionally reset the diaphragm gasket being certain to tighten in a star pattern and so much no de shows up to be flow out..

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