?Tom, Amanda and also Laura space the main characters of the play. Laura is an important character, together is Amanda, yet they room not the protagonist. Tom Wingfield is the protagonist; the story belongs come him. “The protagonist that a literary occupational is the key character, that must readjust in some method during the food of the events, even if the change is entirely internal. Tom is plainly the protagonist of The Glass Menagerie. Although that is not heroic and also will more than likely never triumph over his obstacles, that does take activity by the end of the play. That is, in essence, his story and tells that what he desires out that life and also how he reaction to life. Tom Wingfield is the protagonist; the story belongs come him. The drama concentrates on Tom’s internal and also external disputes during the moment he is trapped in the dingy St. Luigi apartment throughout the great Depression, torn in between his dreams and also his sense of responsibility for his mother, and also especially, for his sister. Tom’s restlessness, resentment, and his misery shade every scene in which he appears, i beg your pardon is practically every scene in the play.

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Tom’s problem is arisen through his relationships v Laura and also Amanda. The fourth character, Jim O’Connor, acts together a functional character; it is his illustration in the Wingfields’ house that acts as the catalyst to press Tom into a final break through his mother. Tom is actually two personalities in the play: Tom the narrator, that presents the story in the retrospective point of see years later on after having left home, and Tom the young guy who stars in his own narrator’s memory. The contrast between the two formulates a major theme in the play: Tom left St.

Louis and his sisters behind, yet he never escaped. There to be no escaping his past and his very own identity. Tom’s final speech in the conclusion of the drama provides this clean in a an extremely poignant way. Amanda Wingfield, Tom’s mom is the closest point to one antagonist in the play, she is the clearest rogue in Tom’s life. She gift him with the biggest conflict, blocking him from having a life of choice and freedom. He need to overcome she constant, demanding and nagging actions to escape indigenous the confining apartment.

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Tom must complete with the guilt of leaving his sister Laura behind, in the same means that Mr. Wingfield, his father exit the family so numerous years ago. Tom struggles with the dismal life the he shares v his mother and sister, yet her criticism of his every move ultimately becomes too lot for him come bear. In the finish of the play, Tom have to escape to survive, even though he tells the reader that that is haunted by the spectre that his sister, Laura, that he left behind.



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