Footballers all roughly the world look to Scrosoppi for inspiration and also intercession.

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While St. Sebastian is widely well-known as the patron saint of sports in general, until recently there didn’t exist a particular saint for the famous sport of soccer (more widely recognized as football). In the previous several years a fan of the sport decided to take the matter into his very own hands and also began researching saints to find one that would it is in a great fit.

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According come Zeit Online, Austrian business man Manfred Pesek well-known the void and also assembled a team to figure out exactly how they can nominate a saint because that football. Together with two university professors lock examined thousands of saints because that suitability. Your criteria hinged on specific virtues that need to be emulated in the sports of football and also a unique ministry through children.

After narrowing down the list to their top 10, the lot fell on St. Luigi Scrosoppi, who was canonized by St. Man Paul II ~ above June 10, 2001. They saw him as a perfect fit: a saint who loved children, presented the particularly virtues that charity and also patience, and possessed a joyful spirit.

John Paul II said around him in his canonization homily, “Charity was the an enig of his long and also untiring apostolate, nourished by a consistent contact v Christ, contemplated and imitated in the humility and poverty that his birth at Bethlehem, in the simplicity that his life of difficult work in ~ Nazareth, in the complete immolation top top Calvary, and also in the astonishing silence of the Eucharist.”

Scrosoppi was specifically attentive come orphan girl in the area and young guys attending the Udine seminary. He worked zealously because that the poorest among them and helped them find hope in the midst of their difficult situation. According to Rome Reports, the was also known “for his dedication to youth with sport.”

Pesek then received support indigenous Bishop Alois Schwarz (then bishop that Gurk), Bishop Andrea Bruno Mazzocato (bishop that Udine) and also the “Church and Sport” ar within the Pontifical Council because that the Laity.

The main announcement to be made on august 22, 2010, v the presentation that a recently commissioned statue the featured Scrosoppi stop a football. The statue to be later also presented to the Italian nationwide team. Bishop Schwarz said during his homily in ~ the one-of-a-kind occasion, “Finally, every football players, stadiums and also football fans around the people now have actually a patron saint they deserve to call!”

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