The end of weird Future ? The Story the Tyler The Creator’s Crew

posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 through Matthieu Jung

Tyler, The Creator has evidenced the finish of strange Future (aka OFWGKTA — an initialism for Odd Future wolf Gang kill Them All).

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Odd Future’s Crew

It all began last month v a series of tweets from Tyler the creator the hinted that Odd Future have gone their separate ways. However, the crew compounded by artists prefer Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats and also Domo Genesis remain tight, and future collaborations are not excluded together everyone is focusing on their solo careers. Don’t be sad around the end of odd Future. Together Tyler said, “Being sad is not tight. I simply wish world would know that being-sad shit is not cool. It’s an unfavorable and it sucks.” It’s over, right. However let’s check out who was inside OF group and what they room up to.

Tyler The Creator


Tyler is one of the co-founder of strange Future, and also through this tweet he notified the world and his fans that the finish of it. Everything is all appropriate for Tyler, he has actually just released is new album Cherry Bomb. The album likewise featured guest appearances from Kanye West and also Lil Wayne. In enhancement to the music, Tyler has launched an application called “Gold Media” that assures “Tyler and his mind without restrictions and bullshit”.

 Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt is one American rapper-producer and also member that the Los Angeles-based i know good hop collective Odd Future. That is signed to Columbia Records, and also his own label, Tan Cressida. Earl obtained recognition and an essential praise for his debut mixtape, Earl.

He exit his brand-new album in in march 2015 : I Don’t like Shit, i Don’t go Outside

Frank Ocean

Frank s is an American singer, songwriter and also rapper. S started his career together a ghostwriter for artists such as Damienn Jones, john Legend, Justin Bieber, and Brandy. He became a member of strange Future in 2010. He exit is first solo album, Channel Orange, in 2012. 3 years later he has actually announced his 2nd album for July 2015. The album is called Boys don’t Cry.

Domo Genesis

Domonique Cole, far better known by his phase name Domo Genesis, is one American rapper from Los Angeles who is right now signed to Odd Future Records. He released a mixtape referred to as Under the influence 2 in 2014. He to be also part of a sub-group of strange Future, v Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, referred to as Mellow High. Inspect out one of their clips:

Hodgy Beats

Hodgy Beats to be an initial member the OFWGKTA and was the very first member of weird Future to relax a solo record — 2009’s The Dena Tape. He is associated in two of odd Future’s sub-groups: MellowHigh and also MellowHype. Depsite the finish of odd Future, many of the members room still working. That’s the case of Hodgy Beats, that released 3 brand-new tracks.

Left Brain

Left mind is a rapper, document producer and photographer. He is one of the main producers the the odd Future’s crew. He is part of 2 Odd Future sub-groups: MellowHigh, as mentioned earlier, and also MellowHype v Hodgy Beats.

Here is a music video by MellowHype:

Syd Tha Kyd

Sydney Bennett, known by her phase names Syd Tha Kyd or Syd, is a singer, producer and DJ from Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California. She is among the key producers in strange Future and also a singer, producer and also mixer in the neo-soul team The net with Matt Martians and Tay Walker.

Tay Walker

Tay seems to have embarked on a solo career, and also he exit his album 25 hrs A Day a couple of weeks ago.

 Matt Martians

Matthew Martin, far better known by his stage name Matt Martians, is a producer & illustrator from east Point, Georgia. That is a previous member of strange Future. He is also member of two Odd Future’s sub-groups The Internet and The Jet that Tomorrow.

Pyramid Vritra

In enhancement to his cooperation as a member the The Jet that Tomorrow, he has launched a brand-new album this year dubbed Dānu.

Mike G

Mike G is an American rapper and DJ. He had already been a pan of strange Future for a while prior to he to be asked by Tyler, The Creator to sign up with the group sometime in 2009. The following year Mike exit his debut studio album through Odd Future, Ali. Check out the sequel come his 2011 Award tourism EP. It’s dubbed Award tourism II.

Jasper Dolphin

Davon Wilson, far better known together Jasper Dolphin, is a non-musical member that the collective OFWGKTA. Jasper is greatly an actor, and he appears in the display Loiter Squad.

Meet Jasper!


L-Boy is featured on strange Future’s present Loiter Squad along with Japser Dolphin, Earl Sweatshirt, Taco and Tyler.


Na’Kel Smith

Na’Kel blacksmith is an American skateboarder and non-musical member of weird Future. Na’Kel has been featured on Tyler’s tune “Trash Wang” along with other non-musical members of weird Future.

Taco Bennett

Travis ‘Taco’ Bennett is a non-musical member that the group OFWGKTA. His sister is Syd Tha Kyd. Taco doesn’t lab as lot as various other members of weird Future, but he does rap in Tyler’s song “Bitch sucks Dick.” the can additionally be heard in the beginning of weird Future’s song “Oldies,” providing shouts out to members of the weird Future Crew.

Christian Clancy

Christian Clancy, usually just called Clancy, is Tyler, The Creator’s manager. Clancy regularly won’t present his face, but he speaks for Tyler in some interviews.


Lucas Vercitti

Lucas Vercetti is the white guy in weird Future, and also the manager the their save in Los Angeles.

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Young Nigga

Young Nigga is Tyler, the Creator’s alter-ego and also a rapper featured on strange Future’s show, Loiter Squad.

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