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Meg Cabot is the writer of the original "Princess Diaries" book. The movie adaptation stars ann Hathaway. Disney

Mia Thermopolis (or Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi) finds the end she"s next in line for the crown in the fictitious land that Genovia. Ann Hathaway was 18 year old as soon as she starred in this Disney breakout hit.

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Eighteen years later, Hathaway is one Oscar-winning Hollywood icon who many recently starred top top the Amazon collection "Modern Love."


anne Hathaway, now 36 years old, costarred in last year's "Ocean's 8." Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

In 2013, Hathaway took residence the Academy compensation for best supporting actress for her function in "Les Misérables."

Queen Clarisse Renaldi, Mia's grandmother, was the one who broke the news that her royal heritage during an unanticipated afternoon tea.


Queen Clarisse teaches Mia every the practices of being a "lady." Disney

When her son died unexpected, Queen Clarisse continued to be out the Mia"s life till she was practically 18 years old.

Hollywood icon Julie Andrews now does voice acting in countless movies, including the "Despicable Me" franchise.


Julie Andrews released a publication in 2019 titled "Home Work: A Memoir of my Hollywood year ." Eugene Gologursky/Getty photos

Andrews voices the mother of Gru in the first and 3rd "Despicable Me" films.

She additionally has cocreated and also executive produced a Netflix initial children"s program called "Julie"s Greenroom."

Joseph became vital mentor and also confidant in Mia's life. Disney

Joseph and also Clarisse ultimately admitted their connection went beyond the standard levels of job-related friendliness.

Actor Hector Elizondo brought Joseph come life, and also now have the right to be watched on the TV series "Last male Standing" (Fox).

Hector Elizondo attends the LA times Festival Of publications in 2013. Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty pictures

You might additionally recognize Elizonda indigenous his function as Callie Torres" father Carlos ~ above ABC"s "Grey"s Anatomy."

Michael Moscovitz is the brothers of Mia's best friend Lilly. Disney

Michael plays in a band and also helps deal with cars, including Mia"s dream convertible.

Robert Schwartzman hasn't done much acting in the years since, rather primarily focusing on his music and directing career.

Schwartzman is part of the famous Coppola family; his brothers is Jason Schwartzman and also his maternal cousin is Nicholas Cage. Daniel Boczarski/Getty photos

Schwartzman"s tape Rooney go on to appear in "The O.C." in 2004, and his recent movie project was a movie he directed referred to as "The Unicorn" (2018).

His character Michael was created out of "The Princess Diaries 2" through explanation that he and also Mia were just friends now and his band was touring.

Josh to be the traditional jock-type in ~ Mia's high school. Disney

Josh wound increase dumping his girlfriend and asking Mia out once her princess transformation was public.

Josh was played through Disney veteran actor Erik von Detten, who starred in other classics like "Brink" and the "Leave it to Beaver" movie.

Erik von Detten in ~ the premiere that "Toy Story 3" in 2018. Kevin Winter/Getty photos

Most recently, von Detten reprised his voice acting duty as the frightening community bully Sid in "Toy Story 3."

Lana went the end of her means to torment Mia. Disney

Though Lana it s okay "coned" through the finish of the first movie, she go a the majority of emotional damages to Mia in previously scenes.

Mandy Moore played Lana at the really start the her exhilaration career. Currently she's a Hollywood veteran and also stars in NBC's "This Is Us."

Mandy Moore's crossover from pop star come movie and TV star has actually been a success. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty images

The year ~ "The Princess Diaries" came out, Moore cemented her location in teenager pop society with the breakout movie "A Walk to Remember." now Moore is likewise officially a Disney princess thanks to her role as Rapunzel in the 2010 movie "Tangled."

In 2019, she began releasing new music for the an initial time in nearly 10 years.

His signature red hair to be the target of countless jokes. Disney

Jeremiah simply wanted to present off some magic tricks and pal roughly with Mia, Michael, and also Lilly.

"The Princess Diaries" to be Flueger's very first major exhilaration role. Daniel Boczarski/Getty photos

You can additionally see Flueger ~ above "Chicago P.D." and also in older illustration of the 2004 drama collection "The 4400."

Talk about embarrassing your child at school. Disney

Helen never ever told Mia around her father"s royal status due to the fact that she didn"t want her to feel out of ar as a kid.

Actress Caroline Goodall has since showed up in many TV series, including Starz's "The White Princess."

Goodall is ideal known for she '90s movie roles, including "Hook" and also "Schindler's List." Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty photos

Goodall additionally co-starred in the 2015 movie "The Dressmaker" alongside Kate Winslet, and the 2018 brothers TV series "Bulletproof."

principal Gupta fawned over her imperial highness. Disney

She also had Mia"s ago throughout lot of the movie, also if her enthusiasm for every things aristocracy was a big over-the-top.

Sandra five at the Cannes International series Festival in 2018. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty images

Now she"s costarring on the critically acclaimed BBC secret thriller series "Killing Eve."

With a 2018 nomination because that her performance on "Killing Eve," Oh ended up being the first Asian woman nominated for finest actress at the Emmys.

"The Princess Diaries 2: imperial Engagement" took place largely in Genovia, whereby Lilly concerned support come her best friend Mia.

Lilly was present for lot of the an initial film as well. Disney

Lilly, animal-rights activist and outspoken Official ideal Friend™ the Princess Mia, returns to her side once Mia finds the end she has 30 job to gain married or rather the crown will certainly pass to one more heir.

Heather Matarazzo walk onto star in many TV shows and indie movies, consisting of "Exes and also Ohs," "The together Word" and "Hostel: part II."

heather Matarazzo attends the premiere that "Don't Worry, he Won't Get far On Foot" in 2018. Christopher Polk/Getty photos

Matarazzo likewise appeared on two episodes that "Grey"s Anatomy" in 2015, linking her to "The Princess Diaries" co-star Sandra Oh. The connection in between these films and also the hit alphabet procedural drama is a strong one — "Grey"s Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes created the screenplay for "The Princess Diaries 2."

Princess Asana to be a brand-new addition come the actors for the sequel. Disney

Asana helps throw Princess Mia a bridal shower, and even sings a duet with Queen Clarisse.

"Cheetah Girls" and "That's therefore Raven" Disney star raven Symoné has since had a successful TV exhilaration career and also was cohost of "The View" for a time.

crow Symoné in ~ the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards in Hollywood. rich Fury/Getty photos

Symone left "The View" in 2016 come reboot her role as crow in a Disney Channel series called "Raven"s Home."

When Mia realizes she needs to gain married ASAP, she picks bachelor Prince Andrew Jacoby as her future husband.

The prince proposes to Mia after just a couple weeks of really public dating. Disney

Though Mia isn"t to crawl on what is effectively an arranged marriage, Andrew is a kind fellow.

Actor go on to star in the Showtime series "Dead like Me" and also the 2011 crime thriller "Colombiana."

Blue in ~ "The Princess Diaries 2: imperial Engagement" DVD relax pajama party. Amanda Edwards/Getty images

Blue has also been in number of TV collection including TNT"s "Proof" and USA"s "Royal Pains."

Mia is tormented through the flirtatious Nicholas Devereaux — the young man who would take her ar on the throne if she can't discover a husband.

Nicholas and also Mia hit the off before she realizes he's plotting versus her. Disney

His chemistry with Mia makes many of she plans go awry.

Actor kris Pine has ongoing to be a go-to heartthrob for major movie franchises movies favor "Wonder Woman" and "Star Trek."

kris Pine has actually been actors as a dreamboat because that well end a decade now. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty pictures

Most recently Pine starred in Disney"s movie adaptation of "A wrinkle in Time."

He"ll be reprising his role as Steve Trevor in the coming "Wonder Woman" sequel collection to premiere in 2020.

Nicholas' uncle, Viscount Mabrey, to be the real driving pressure behind the sabotage that Princess Mia's ascension to the throne.

This schemer to be the root of Mia's problem in "Princess Diaries 2." Disney

Mabrey wanted his young nephew to preeminence Genovia, while he would effectively have strength as the future-king"s advisor.

John Rhys-Davies has due to the fact that co-starred in dozens of movie and TV projects, consisting of MTV's "The Shannara Chronicles."

man Rhys-Davies at the Television doubters Association panel occasion in 2016. Frederick M. Brown/Getty images

Rhys-Davies is still perhaps finest known for starring together Gimli in Peter Jackson"s "The mr of the Rings" trilogy and as Sallah in the "Indiana Jones" movies.

BONUS: throughout a parade scene, Princess Mia stop to ask youngsters in one orphanage to sign up with her in the town's celebration.

Mia sees 2 boys bullying a young girl, and goes to help. Disney

Mia says all the children can be royal for the day and walk alongside she in the Genovian parade. The young girl she an initial meets was played by Abigail Breslin.

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Breslin walk on to appear in the Oscar-winning film "Little miss Sunshine," and most freshly co-starred in Fox's "Scream Queens."

Abigail Breslin at mountain Diego Comic-Con in 2016 because that "Scream Queens." Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty photos

Breslin was nominated for best supporting actress at the 2006 Academy Awards as soon as she was just 10 year old.

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