FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist because that just around any situation and also is on a mission come unite and also entertain the civilization through song.

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Love is magic. So are nature, children, music, and also art. The whole civilization is filled with magic if your heart is open to the possibility. Do a small magic through these songs!

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It's a magical World

I'm married to an engineer—calculating, logical, precise. The sees magic in nothing, although that does know enough to say that being married come me is wonder (wink, wink). I select to view magic nearly everywhere.

Magic to me is that inexplicable spark between two people. Magic stays in a child's hug and also in snuggling soft kittens. I endure it together reverence because that nature and wonder in art. And also magic exists, too, in the talent of a surgeon or an skilled who operates in ~ the height of his or her performance.

I hope you have a slim abundance the magic in her life. Why not make a "Magic Playlist" come celebrate whatever in her life that is mysterious and enchanting? We have a lengthy list of pop, rock, and also country songs to start you turn off with.

1. "Don't kill the Magic" by MAGIC!

The narrator in this 2014 tune feels his partner pulling ago from him, and also he's begging her, "Don't kill the magic." He offers anything she can want: space, change, a little time, come sleep apart. The desperate man simply wants to salvage your relationship.

2. "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars

This 2016 pop song catches all the flash and also braggadocio that Bruno Mars is recognized for. That is narrator is a player that has enabled his wealth go to straight to his head.

He's flashing his "24 karat magic" pinkie ring and also all his various other gaudy possessions in public, hoping to attract lots of woman attention. Ns say the if you're working that hard, it's no magic at all.

3. "Every little Thing She walk Is Magic" by The Police

Sting created this tune years before he was v The Police, and also the group finished up dubbing over his demo tape. This 1981 hit tune is around a man who is smitten through a mrs he cannot have. To him, "every little thing she walk is magic" and also enchanting, but he can't lug himself to reveal his true feelings.


"An idea can turn come dust or magic, depending on the talent the rubs versus it." - wilhelm Bernbach, American proclaiming director

Karen Roe via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

4. "Abracadabra" through Steve fearbut Band

The man in this 1982 tune is emotion mighty overheated due to the fact that his lady friend is functioning him over through some sexual magic. In an answer to her magic assignment he:

feels prefer he's spinning,begs for her kiss,wants come grab her (careful now, buddy), andis emotionally out of control.

Someone throw part water on this guy!

5. "Magic" through Olivia Netwon-John

This optimistic song from 1980 expresses support and also encouragement for following your dreams. There's magic in gift the grasp of your own fate:

You have actually to think we are magicNothin' deserve to stand in ours way.You have to think we room magicDon't let your aim ever before strayAnd if all your really hopes surviveYour destiny will certainly arriveI'll carry all your desires aliveFor you.


"Nothing will teach you more about viewed value 보다 taking something v literally no value and selling the in the auction format. The teaches friend the beauty and power the presentation, and how you have the right to make magic out of nothing." - Sophia Amoruso

Luis Miguel Justino via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

6. "This Magic Moment" by Jay and also the Americans

Aww, the young guy in this 1969 track is feeling all magical and tingly. It's a brand-new experience that has taken that by surprise, and he has his summer love to thank.

7. "Magic" through Colbie Caillat

In this 2007 song, the woman is mesmerized with the magic in her lover's touch. He has magic in his fingertips and his lips awaken her in an ext ways 보다 one. Just a look makes her feel weak. (Now just watch him tide his magic wand.)

8. "Magic" through Coldplay

The upper heart protagonist in this 2014 song longs for his former sweetheart. The still considers she magic and also doesn't desire anyone else however her. The lady's actors one hell of a spell on him, don't you think?

9. "Make A tiny Magic" through Nitty Gritty dirt Band

He might think he's being super smooth, however the dude in this 1980s country song requirements to polishing his approach. The narrator isn't gaining the numerous signals that his love interest isn't all that into him.

The woman:

gives excuses,runs for cover once he gets as well close,talks around other men, andchanges the subject.

But our Mr. Sexy trousers still proposes that they do a tiny magic prior to the night is through. He also insults her: "A boy could get pneumonia sitting alongside you." Yep, that's a sure-fire method to light she fire. No wonder he's single.


"Magic lies in daunting what seems impossible." Carol Moseley Braun, American politician

ihave3kids via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

10. "You have the right to Do Magic" through America

The male in this 1982 song was when a realist, but that was prior to he met the magic lady who actors a love order on him. She has hypnotized him and also dried his tears. This alluring woman can work him like putty in her hands if she wants to.

11. "Magic" by Smashmouth

This 2012 different rock track tells the story the the narrator that becomes instantly attracted come a woman he meets top top a plane. Once she access time him, however, he discovers that his magical lady has a talent because that disappearing acts, prefer Houdini or David Copperfield. Understandably, the starts to feel used. Possibly he should inspect his wallet and credit cards come make sure they're quiet there, too?

12. "The Magic Hour Is Now" through Hellogoodbye

In photography, the "magic hour" (or golden hour) is the period when the sun sits on the horizon quickly after sunrise or prior to sunset). Throughout this time, the irradiate is soft and diffused fairly than harsh, favor at other times during the day.

Analogizing love come the sun, this 2013 indie rock track is around the inevitability that love:

Every time you operation away it gets closerYou can't escape its life powerIt's coming upThe magic hour is now.

5 Magic indigenous in English

Using manners have the right to make your communication much more magical.

Magic WordPurpose that Word


Used come humbly and also politely do a inquiry of someone

Thank You

Used to express appreciation because that someone's time, effort, or materials/information given

Excuse Me

Used to obtain someone's attention, request that someone move, interrupt or politely disagree through someone, or refer embarrassment


Used come express remorse and also sympathy v someone else's distress or circumstances

Pardon Me

Used to request the someone repeat what they just said or to express embarrassment

13. "Magic" by The Cars

The narrator is functioning his moves on a mrs in this 1984 popular music song, and also he's confident it's magic he's making. (How's that because that confidence?)

He thinks he's gained a host on her and also can watch it in she eyes. Is he right, or is it just some mystical reasoning on his part?

14. "Do You think in Magic" by The Lovin' Spoonful

This catchy track from 1965 is timeless since it records the vital truth that music: Music is thin magic since it sets girlfriend free. A good song have the right to make you smile and also start tapping your feet. Then, before you understand it, you'll be dancing late right into the night.


"Magic speaks to the boy in every one of us. No matter how advanced we become, there's still a part of us who desires to believe in an different reality, where we can defy the laws of nature." - Criss Angel, American magician

seth m via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

15. "Love Sex Magic" by Ciara (featuring Justin Timberlake)

The two civilization in this 2009 song just need to gain a room:

So permit me journey my body around you, ns bet you recognize what ns meanCause you know that I deserve to make you believe in love and sex and also magic.

The woman argues she'll undertake nothing however shoes, and the man wants her to grab him by the neck and engage in sexy talk. Well, that's magical, ns guess.

16. "Strange Magic" by electrical Light Orchestra

Although the lyrics are repetitive and also simple, this 1975 song is catchy. It's around a male whose magic partnership is about to end, also though the doesn't desire it to.

The protagonist insurance claims he's "got a strange magic." Over and also over and also over. Might his lack of range in conversation it is in fueling she desire to leave?

17. "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder

Between the number "13" and broken mirrors, the narrator in this 1972 classic warns against investing too lot attention in superstitions. Practical and also level-headed, he describes that "when you believe in points that girlfriend don't understand, climate you suffer."

What superstitions do you believe in? some of the most common include:

lucky charmspicking up a coin on heads for great lucknot wade under laddersmaking certain black cat don't cross your path andaversion for the numbers 13 and also 666.

18. "Magic Bullet" by Jacob Whitesides

If friend don't recognize what a magic bullet is, don't worry. Ns didn't either. (No, the isn't the "Kitchen Magician" appliance they offer on so late night infomercials!)

In this 2015 optimistic song, the type of magic bullet the narrator describes is a mysterious, very prized remedy with an useful healing properties. He speak his girlfriend the he wants to be she lover as well as her best friend. Search "all in" commitment, the male asks she to fight him with her magic bullet because he can take it.

19. "All The Magic" by Natalie Imbruglia

Having had her heart broken in the past, the tentative woman in this 2007 has actually rediscovered love. Her brand-new partner has carried the magic ago to her heart. Together a result, she feels prefer she is waking because that the an initial time. Promises finally have definition again since of the magical heal that has actually taken place.

20. "Summer Is Magic" by Playahitti

This 1994 Eurodance song is around the magic the summer love — carefree and happy. Summer love: song it, dance it, and enjoy that while the lasts. The track was a hit in the rest of the world yet barely do a dent ~ above the American popular music charts.

"A dream doesn't end up being reality v magic; the takes sweat, determination and hard work." - Colin Powell, former American Secretary that State

Markus Lütkemeyer via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

Even more Songs around Magic

Know a magical track that need to be top top this Magic Playlist? Leave united state a comment in the Comments section below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. Love medicine No. 9

The Searchers


22. I placed A spell On You

Screamin' Jay Hawkins


23. Is The Magic tho There



24. Me wise Magic

Van Halen


25. Magic In your Eyes

Big Country


26. The Magic Is Working

Janet Jackson


27. Might This be Magic



28. Magic Road

Al Green


29. Magic



30. Magic Man

J. Holiday


31. Magic

Robin Thicke


32. Magic

One Direction


33. A kind of Magic



34. The Magic



35. Magic Man



36. December will Be Magic Again

Kate Bush


37. A coat of Elvenkind

Marcy Playground


38. Bring back The Magic

Jimmy Buffet


39. Black color Magic Woman



40. Ns Feel The Magic

Belinda Carlisle


41. Creole Woman

Toby Keith


42. Blue Magic

Colin Raye


43. Magic Touch



44. Magic

Tiffany Alvord


45. Magic

Pussycat Dolls


46. Evil one Woman

Cliff Richard


47. Magical mystery Tour

The Beatles


48. Small Magic Glasses

Johnny Cash


49. Magic

Kenny Chesney


50. Therefore Magical



51. The Old black Magic

Rod Stewart


52. Magic Carpet Ride



53. The Magic Is tho There

Helen Reddy


54. Is the Magic quiet There



55. Spanish castle Magic

Jimi Hendrix


57. Magic Bus

The Who


58. 3 Is a Magic Number

Blind Melon


59. Magic mrs Touch

The Hollies


60. Friend Made Me believe In Magic

Bay City Rollers


61. Voodoo Woman

Koko Taylor


62. Voodoo



63. You make Loving fun

Fleetwood Mac


64. Puff the Magic Dragon

Peter, Paul, & Mary


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"Do You think in Magic," "Love medicine No. 9," and also other enlarge ones are familiar. I assumed that i would watch "Puff the Magic Dragon" on her list.

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