What walk the wizard of Oz need to offer us as soon as it concerns rebuilding trust? three things: a brain, a heart, and also courage.

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During a recent TrustWorks! training course for a client, i was top participants with a procedure of make an overview for stop a conversation v someone to deal with the state that low trust in your relationship. At one point a participant asked, “Do civilization really perform this? i can’t imagine having a conversation with someone and also saying ‘I don’t trust you."”

That question triggered a rich conversation on the emotionally courage and personal maturity that takes to attend to issues of short or broken trust in a relationship. As I’ve thought about courage, the image of the Cowardly Lion native the sorcerer’s of Oz keeps popping right into my mind. No to over-simplify the complicated and challenging issue that rebuilding trust, ns think the Scarecrow, Tinman, and also Cowardly Lion offer some insights into what it takes to address issues of trust in relationships.

Dorothy: “How can you talk if girlfriend don’t have a brain?”Scarecrow: “I don’t know…But some human being without brains execute an awful the majority of talking…don’t they?” 

A Brain – You must be smart about the means you technique the instance when you’re rebuilding trust. I wouldn’t recommend opened the conversation by speak “I don’t trust you.” prior to engaging in a conversation, you should think with the reasons why friend don’t to trust someone. Ask you yourself a collection of “why” questions to narrow down the reason of low trust to certain behaviors. Once you do have the conversation, use “I” language to take property of your very own feelings and also to lower defensiveness through the various other person. Store the conversation concentrated on the particular behaviors that are causing low trust rather than attacking the personality of the other person. Going right into a conversation to discuss trust issues without being prepared is a recipe for disaster.

Dorothy: “Goodbye Tinman. Oh, don’t cry! You’ll rust for this reason dreadfully.”Tinman: “Now I know I’ve acquired a love ’cause it’s breaking…”

A Heart – to trust is constructed when you demonstrate care and also concern for others. If you don’t care for the top quality of your relationship with someone, it will certainly be tough to develop or rebuild trust through that person. I’m not saying it’s a requirement to have actually a deep, an individual relationship with someone in bespeak to have a high level that trust, however you do should recognize and appreciate the value of the relationship, both come you and also the various other person. As part of your ready to deal with an worry of short trust, do a list of attributes you appreciate in the various other person and reasons you worth your relationship. When taking care of trust issues, it’s simple to only emphasis on the negative aspects that the relationship and disregard every the hopeful things that might exist.

Cowardly Lion: “All right, I’ll go in there for Dorothy. Evil Witch or no angry Witch, security or no guards, I’ll tear lock apart. I might not come out alive, but I’m going in there. There’s only one thing I want you fellows to do.” Tinman, Scarecrow: “What’s that?” Cowardly Lion: “Talk me the end of it!”

Courage – Addressing an worry of low or broken trust have the right to be a daunting task that calls for a high level of an individual maturity and also emotional courage. Courage deserve to come in numerous different shapes and also sizes. When speaking of this topic, Winston Churchill said “Courage is what that takes to was standing up and speak; courage is likewise what the takes come sit down and listen.” depending upon your function in the situation, you may need come muster increase the ship to perform the speaking, or you might need come humble yourself to execute the listening. If the instance is just too sensitive for friend to attend to on her own, look for out the assist of a default third-party to assist mediate or facilitate the discussion.

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We all wish that rebuilding to trust was as straightforward as seeing the magician of Oz and having him bestow on us a medal or proclamation the solves our problem. Rebuilding to trust isn’t that easy, however it is feasible if us courageously and intelligently strategy the case with care and concern to regain the connection on hard ground.