over 9000: 8 Heroes who Would damage Goku (And 7 That would certainly Be Crushed by Him) Goku could be strong, however he wouldn"t win a battle against all that these powerful superheroes.

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one of the best anime franchises is Dragon Ball. Ever since it concerned the West, audiences have actually been enamored v the journey of boy Goku as he fights practically unwinnable battles and makes friend from everywhere the universe. Regardless of all odds, the present has controlled to continue for decades and has an ext of a devoted following than also the Pokemon anime. Being the key character, Goku needs to overcome a the majority of obstacles that slowly get much more powerful together the series goes on. Because of this, the is continually learning new powers and abilities to success each hit he it s okay into.

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His strength are method over 9000 these days, and also any foe hesitates for trying to pick a fight v him. If he may be one of the strongest personalities in the Dragon sphere Universe, exactly how would the fare if he to be to battle some that the legend superheroes native comic publication worlds? Well, considering his extreme power, he would beat the bulk of them there is no breaking a sweat, but there space others that would likely finest him in combat. One of two people way, the war would be one because that the ages. On the note, let"s delve right into eight superheroes who might beat Goku and seven that would certainly be crushed by him.

We understand that we"re certainly going to get some backlash for this one, however we need to go v what us know. The power that Superman possesses is just astronomical. While various realities and comic stories readjust up his repertoire, there"s no denying just how strong the guy of Steel yes, really is.

Combine his super strength, flight, heat vision, freeze breath, and also so many an ext together and also you obtain a virtually unstoppable maker that can beat just about anybody. His power boosts the closer the gets toward the sun, therefore the only real method to rob him the his stamin is by blowing increase the light source or shoving Kryptonite under his throat. Also then, Superman doesn"t go under easily and has taken higher beatings 보다 Goku.

Black Panther
What happens when you take it the boy of a king and also train the in every weapon well-known to man? You get the warrior known as T"Challa. Acquisition over the mantle the the black color Panther, the is the protector the Wakanda and one that the many fearsome Marvel heroes. Coated in a suit of Vibranium, nothing can pierce his skin or direction the sharpness that his claws.

Despite his durability, agility, and also combat knowledge, he wouldn"t be able to last long against Son Goku. Goku was likewise trained in several layouts of martial arts, so he"d have the ability to match T"Challa. On top of that, Vibranium is no invincible, and also Goku would easily be able to tear through it at some allude during their battle. The King the Wakanda would certainly fall.

Marvel"s tantamount to Superman is a small bit different. Bruce Banner was a pretty solid hero once turned angry, yet the Hulk is for this reason much more than a monster who have the right to punch yes, really hard. As the Marvel Universe has actually expanded, so have actually the ability of the Hulk. He can leap tall structures in a solitary bound, shake the planet with one punch and even send substantial shockwaves simply by clapping his hands.

On a continual basis, he can not be able to beat Goku, however when his rage turns him into Worldbreaker Hulk, things could turn his way. Store in mind the this version of the Hulk was able to crush the hand of medical professional Strange, stand up to a vocal blast from black color Bolt, and also even take down the Ghost Rider.

12 would BE CRUSHED through GOKU: THOR

The kid of Odin and also the Prince that Asgard, there are few warriors prefer the mighty Thor. With his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, over there are couple of beings that deserve to stand in his path and make it out alive. That is not only among the the strongest Asgardians, however one of the the strongest Avengers, often giving the team the extra resource of power they should win the day.

In a fight against Goku, though, Thor wouldn"t come out on top. He"d have actually his electricity and his super strength, yet when compared to a at sight Saiyan, he just doesn"t measure up. He"d put up a decent fight (and that consists of the lightning strength we saw in Thor: Ragnarok), however in the end, goku is just much more powerful.

once it concerns magic and sorcery, there"s no much better solution in the DC universe than physician Fate. An ancient spirit called Nabu, he has been about for century honing his skills and becoming much more powerful together time goes on. Tied come a almost indestructible helmet, over there is nearly no acquiring rid of physician Fate.

Goku might have the raw strength to complete with just around anyone, yet Doctor Fate"s abilities much surpass any power that Goku might unleash. That exists external of time and an are and deserve to manipulate realities to his will. His enchantments deserve to span throughout multiple size and, as his name suggests, he deserve to even alter what fate has actually in save for people. Son ogong wouldn"t stand a chance against those sorts of abilities.

10 would certainly BE CRUSHED by GOKU: BATMAN

It"s regularly said that when given enough prep time, Batman could take the end anyone the pleases. When that"s greatly true in ~ the context of the DC universe (especially when he fights Superman, the justice League, the Flash...anybody really), we"d wager that the same strategy wouldn"t assist him out as much if he to be to fight Goku.

The factor for this is that unlike Superman, goku doesn"t have a an essential weakness like Kryptonite, the rock that does an enormous amount of harm to the man of Steel. Batman could build suits the armor, but in bespeak to complete with someone who legitimately had god-like strength and also powers, he"d have to develop armor the is outside the realm of possibility. Kryptonite won"t help him in this fight and he would ultimately lose.

Charles Xavier is arguably one of the most powerful mutants ever, and there"s a good reason the he to be able to develop his own school. If he"s not precisely the photo of physics health, it"s his mental capacity whereby his power truly shines. Being able to jump in the minds of other people and also control lock is simply one the the many powers he contends his disposal. He have the right to render civilization essentially brainless without relocating a solitary muscle.

Goku could shot his really hardest to obtain toward Professor X to punch him right into next week, however Xavier would quickly respond by acquiring in the at sight Saiyan"s head and also just toying with him. Once using his strength to their full extent, Professor X is virtually unstoppable.

8 would certainly BE CRUSHED by GOKU: WOLVERINE

James Howlett is among the toughest mutants in the Marvel Universe, and he"s obtained the capacity to prove it. On optimal of the adamantium claws and skeleton that lies under his skin, Wolverine has actually a healing element unlike any other hero in comics. Also if over there is a solitary cell left, Wolverine deserve to regenerate and also continue on v his pursuit for brutality.

While that is no slouch, we"d have to offer this fight to Goku. He may not have any adamantium blades on hand, however his strength can eviscerate Wolverine without lot effort. The only reason Logan would be able to keep fighting is the he refuses to continue to be down, but as he repetitively takes a beating, the would eventually have to offer in to boy Goku.

If there"s one mutant who could absolutely rival Professor X"s powers, it would certainly be Jean Grey. Recognized otherwise together the Phoenix, she was taken over by one entity well-known only as the Phoenix Force. This caused abilities the turned her into an omega-level mutant. She"s no just limited to party tricks however can shape the world with only her mind.

As she allows the Phoenix pressure to take it control, she obtains more powers and abilities. At complete capacity, her strength would have the ability to stop just about anyone from gaining to her, consisting of one as solid as child Goku. If the comes under to a physical fight, all she needs to do is blast fire at the supervisor Saiyan to get the project done.


Martian Manhunter is just one of the last martians in the DC Universe. After being a fish out of water because that a while, that eventually uncovered his house as the guardian that the Watchtower for the justice League. Gift a valued member the the team, he has actually mental abilities and strength the is top top par v that of the guy of Steel, Superman.

Yet, if he to be to hit Goku, there"s one fatal flaw v his character: his weakness to fire. Not just are his psychological abilities not strong enough to avoid someone prefer Goku, however all the at sight Saiyan would need to do is get the Manhunter surrounded and also the struggle would automatically go to him. Even aliens wouldn"t have the ability to stop someone choose Goku.

friend can"t fight what you can"t see. The flash isn"t the many adept as soon as it pertains to martial arts or fighting style, but he doesn"t must be. Before you even blink, the can obtain several blows on her head. By the moment you realize what"s walk on, you"re already on the ground in a daze.

If the Flash were to hit Goku, he would immediately have the top hand. Goku can be fast, but with the Flash"s connection to the rate Force, he have the right to turn any type of battle to his favor. He might even drag Goku into the speed Force, where he would be lot stronger and finish off his anime foe. Goku simply doesn"t have the rate capabilities to have the ability to combat the Flash.


Billy Batson"s story is one of the most interesting ones in the DC Universe. After coming in call with a wizard, he was bestowed with the powers and attributes of literal meaning gods. Combining every one of them to become Shazam, Earth"s Mightiest Mortal, Batson confirmed to be among the the strongest members the the righteousness League and one the the most endearing.

However, the truth alone that he is mortal still remains, and also Goku would have the ability to capitalize ~ above that. All the would should be excellent in the fight is outpower Shazam and also his various godlike abilities. As we all know, our favourite protagonist is an ext than as much as the job on the front, leaving this battle out the the hands of Shazam.

gift a guy who offered his spirit to the Devil, spawn came earlier with a vengeance. While he began out with some outstanding abilities, his strength and also combat prowess only boosted as that made his means through the world. He ended up being able come teleport, screw v the mental of others, and also even manipulate issue itself.

While it"s same to i think that spawn doesn"t have actually the toughness that goku does, he an ext than makes up for it in the roster of capability he has at his disposal. Furthermore, he eliminated both God and Satan at one time, and they guideline the scales in regards to power. With the best amount the determination, generate would have the ability to take kid Goku (though it would certainly be a close fight).

2 would certainly BE CRUSHED through GOKU: environment-friendly LANTERN

Beware my power, green Lantern"s light! unless you"re a super Saiyan, that is. The eco-friendly Lanterns and also their assorted constructs space impressive, there"s no doubt around that, and the only limitations are the wearer"s will and imagination. However, that doesn"t save on computer the sheer power or force qualified of beating somebody favor Goku in the warm of battle.

You can argue that environment-friendly Lanterns have actually contained powerful foes before, however never anything on the level of Goku. Furthermore, the constructs deserve to be damaged through, and a at sight Saiyan would have actually no trouble doing that. Also if green Lantern to be to throw a large fist to shot and send Goku into the sun, the Dragon sphere legend could not just dodge it, but take the opportunity to finish off his opponent.

when an alien who wanted to save his planet, the silver- Surfer would certainly eventually become the herald the Galactus imbued v the power Cosmic. He can travel across the world on his board and, fitted with countless powers, can challenge just about any foe that may shot to take it him out and win the fight without breaking a sweat.

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If the came down to a fight v Goku, this one that the silver- Surfer would certainly win. Goku"s got his strength and energy blasts, but Silver Surfer"s powers far eclipse that. He would have the ability to absorb a the majority of Goku"s attacks and use the strength Cosmic to deal out much more damage. He can additionally toy approximately with matter itself, definition that Goku simply doesn"t was standing a chance.