put The Lime In The Coconut, and also Drink It all Up – harry Nilsson

Put The Lime in The Coconut, and Drink It every Up” – text from the tune “Coconut”, a popular novelty track written through American singer-songwriter take care of Nilsson. The song is ~ above his 1971 album “ Nilsson Schmilsson”.

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“Coconut” stayed on united state charts because that 14 weeks and also reached no. 8. It was ranked together 66th in Billboard magazine’s top 100 struggle singles of 1972.

“Coconut” was a minor struggle in the UK, whereby it got to 42nd spot. In Canada the catchy tune was an extremely popular, reaching 5th on the charts.


The text are about someone who gets an upset stomach after spend a drink combined with lime and coconut, and presumably rum! She calls her physician in the middle of the night and also he gives her the advice come drink the same drink together a treatment.


Put The Lime In The Coconut – Nilsson Schmilsson Album

Song Creation

When Nilsson remained in Hawaii on holidays he composed down the word “coconut” with the will to create a song. That is said, that once he returned home he then discovered the note and created the lyrics to “Coconut” if on the freeway in his car.

The lyrics encompass four characters, the doctor, the human being with the tummy ache, the man, the narrator. Nilsson’s producer Richard Perry persuaded Nilsson come use various voices for the three characters, speaking their parts, and creating a cartoon-like scenario.


Other musician collaborated v Nilsson, consisting of Caleb Quaye and Ian Duck from Hookfoot (electric and acoustic guitar), Herbie flower (bass guitar), and Jim Gordon (percussion).

Nilsson’s Life 

The song and Nilsson have actually been the subject of many stories, there have actually been numerous interpretations the the song and also theories as to how that connects to Nilsson’s rather troubled life.

Harry Nilsson to be born into a big Irish American family in Brooklyn. Nilsson’s father abandoned the household months ~ he to be born. Nilsson’s mother was one alcoholic. Nilsson proficient poverty and hardships farming up v his family, i m sorry is thought about to have actually inspired plenty of of his song in the 60s and also 70s.

Nilsson often explored themes of “dreams and wishes” in his tune lyrics. He considered himself one “escapist”. His lyrics often include reference come the countless experiences that Nilsson and also his friends. It has been argued that “Coconut” is symbolizing some element of his troubled life, possibly his problem abuse.

Nilsson was a good friend of john Lennon of The Beatles.


Song Life

The song has a catchy Jamaican style, and also it became very popular. That is thought about to be an “ear worm” song, replaying in the mind. It to be sung by other artists and likewise used in part commercials. Coca Cola agency used the song for your advertisement of their lime soft drink variant. The tune was also featured on tv shows, including The Simpsons, and movies like “Reservoir Dogs” and “Ice Storm”.

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 The Muppets present performed the tune in a 1979 episode, in i beg your pardon Kermit the frog is admitted to hospital and also hallucinates about being in the jungle.